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For a few years now, companies have been combining premium meats like salmon and lamb to make quality dog foods that are free of grains. A number of traditional pet food companies are now upping their game, since so many smaller companies are beginning to dominate the market. For instance, fairly new companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet who are offering healthy meals for dogs that are very similar to human food.

For instance, Purinastore’s line Beneful is filled with lots of natural ingredients that are formulated to give dogs stronger teeth and a shinier coat. Beneful also offers treats flavored with bacon and peanut, since these are ingredients that dogs love. Purina has a website fro Beneful that allows pet owners to customize their dog’s foods based on nutritional needs. Colgate-Palmolive also has a dog food that helps animals lose weight. Nutro Farm’s Harvest line from Mars Petcare also has ingredients like cranberries and blueberries, which are freeze-dried in order to lock in the most nutrients.

Home Delights from Cesar (a Mars company) like Beneful also sells entrees like beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs. Milo’s Kitchen, which is part of J.M. Smucker Co., sells products like grilled beef burger dog treats and duck jerky that is free of unnatural colors and flavors. The Smucker company recently acquired Milo’s Kitchen for $5.8 billion, which goes to show that more pet owners are choosing gourmet foods for their dogs. There’s even a market for older dogs. Purina has recently introduced its Bright Minds line, which includes foods made from medium-chain triglycerides. This fat is made from coconut, which makes it easier for dogs to metabolize food.

For further proof that the eat-like-your-owner philosophy has been working when it comes to dog food, premium dog food sales have increased by 45 percent to $10.5 billion in the United States since 2009.



White Shark Media is a marketing agency for the digital marketing world. However, unlike some companies, they have a wonderful customer service. When they receive a complaint, they do their best to help make it better.

One complaint the company received early on in the company’s existence was that their customers were losing touch with their AdWords campaign. To begin with, they had no idea how to help their customers with this complaint. As time went on, they realized that if they gave a very detail-oriented tutorial, and made sure every user knew the ins and outs of the site before they began their campaign with White Shark Media.

Another complaint they were getting when they first started up was that the person who first helped them sign up was not the same person who became their contact while they were working with White Shark Media. So, they did something about this. If the new contact person isn’t in tune with the customer’s needs, they can contact the person who helped them sign up for a second opinion. However, they are not fully part of the experience after they sign up.

A third complaint White Shark Media received was that some people couldn’t track their campaigns via facebook. With AdWords and similar types of campaigns, this is a very big issue since it is the only way to really see if the campaign is succeeding. After this complaint came in a number of times, White Shark Media became very concerned. This is when their conversion tracking became part of the package. It’s all part of the in-house preparation for a new campaign that is starting up through White Shark Media.

Overall, with any complaint White Shark Media receives, they take it seriously. They will look for the most practical way to solve it, and for the best way to make it work for any and all of their customers.

Mexico is another country in a long list of countries that are experiencing a Zika virus outbreak. There are 121 reported cases of Zika in the Southern states of Mexico, but health officials think there are many more unreported cases. Brazilian medical expert Sergio Cortes posted an article on his website that said unreported cases of the virus outnumber report cases by at least 10 to 1.
Pregnant women are the main concern as the virus works it way through South, Central and North America. There is strong evidence that the Zika virus may play an important role in the increase in the number of microcephaly cases in the infected countries. New studies show that the virus invades the amniotic fluid during pregnancies and it is also capable of entering the brains of fetuses. Scientist say the virus enters the brain, but it is not found in any other part of the fetal body. Dr. Cortes tweeted that information to his followers. The Zika virus in the brains of fetuses could stops brain development, and that is one of the side effects of microcephaly.
But researchers aren’t sure if the virus acts the same way in every human. In fact, some of the evidence shows it does act differently. Most people have the virus in their blood, but in some cases, it is hard to detect. But most infected people have the virus in saliva and urine, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes LinkedIn page.
There is also evidence that the Zika virus can cause neurological disorders. French researchers discovered an increase in the number of Guillain-Barré syndrome cases in French Polynesia after an outbreak of the virus in 2013. Even though the initial symptoms of the virus are considered mild, there is a chance infected individuals may suffer other health complications that are a direct result of Zika activity in the body. Dr. Cortes said no one is sure how the long the virus stays in the body. There is some evidence that points to the virus going into a dormant state in humans and then reappearing at another point in time, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes Facebook page.
The question on the minds of researchers is how long it effects the immune system. Some scientist believe more long-term studies are needed, but the French study does help bring the Guillain-Barré syndrome issue into the spotlight. Brazil has reported more than 4,700 cases of microcephaly so far, but the actual number of Guillain-Barré syndrome cases is still under investigation, according to Dr. Cortes.
The obvious concern over the spread of the Zika virus is well-founded. There are more unanswered questions than answered question, and that makes developing a vaccine a difficult process, according to medical experts like Dr. Cortes.

George Soros is the founder of Open Society and the Soros Foundation. The Open Society was started in 1979. The billionaire had always wanted a free society, and the foundation was a dream come true. He started the foundation after acquiring his wealth in America. His wealth is mostly from his hedge fund organization, Soros Foundation. He has always been against authoritarian types of government, and the Open Society helps him achieve it. The organization has been very influential in different parts of the world, and at the moment; it has spread in over one hundred countries. George Soros ambition is to improve these governments because he understands that every imperfect thing can be improved. His first activity was supporting education for black students in South Africa during the apartheid period.

George Soros wealth has made him get a higher degree of independence that other people in the world do not have, and this enables him to take a stand especially on the controversial issues that affect the community. Before the 2008 financial crisis, Soros had earlier warned the world about it. This crisis happened, leaving the world in a serious situation.

Recently, George Soros was interviewed by the Germany magazine about the European Union, and his response shocked many people. Soros Believes that the European Union is on the verge of collapsing and the only person who can save it from the problem is Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany.

Previously, before the interview was conducted, the Time magazine wrote their cover about the story, calling Angela the Chancellor of the Free world. George Soros believes that the magazine was justified because Angela deserves the title. This statement came as a shock to the people, bearing in mind that the billionaire has always been critical about Angela, always against her policies and ideas for the longest time.

According to George Soros, Angela is indirectly the leader of the union after Ukraine crisis, and she should take the responsibility of saving the union. In the past, Angela was loved by her people in Germany because of her leadership skills. She would hear their opinions and act according to the mood. However, concerning the migration crisis that is currently threatening the union, Angela acted without consulting his citizens. This shocked many and the citizens have started hating her.

On the other hand, George Soros is happy about the current stand that was taken by the Chancellor, and he says that she is on the right track. The chancellor was courageous enough to ask the Germany citizens to welcome the refugees from different countries to safeguard the European Union and also to end the ongoing migration crisis. The future of the union lies in the hands of the people of Germany.