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Beneful is one of the fastest growing pet food brands in the world. As a sub category of Purina, the Nestle Purina group saw the need to expand services in order to include healthier food options for pet owners. This is why the company decided to release the new brand in 2003. Since the inception, it has become a top seller. It has also helped lead the way into offering pet foods that not only look like actual stewed foods, but are healthier for pets as well. With that in mind, the Beneful foods are desired for both cats and dogs, so pet owners everywhere finally have the opportunity of feeding their pets quality food.

Now, the healthy pet food craze has been going on for a while now. However, many of these healthier pet foods are especially expensive. It is not unusual for an owner to spend four or five times on a “healthy and premium” style of food over a traditional bag of kibble. Purina wants to help pet owners save money while still giving them quality options with the highest level of ingredients. That is why the Beneful product line is so helpful. This product line is less expensive than the other healthy, premium brands, yet often times uses the exact same products and ingredients. For anyone who is interested in the very best for their pets but just can’t afford (or wants to pay this much) on other brands, they don’t need to.

The Beneful brands come in both wet and dry food styles. Some pet owners want to feed their pets a very specific diet, while some pets are unable to properly digest wet or dry. Whatever it is a pet owner is looking for or what they want to give their pets, they can find it with Beneful.



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