Blizzard May Offer Free World of Warcraft Access to Fans Who See the Movie

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World of Warcraft fans have been eagerly anticipating the new movie that is being released based on the popular PC gaming franchise. According to a survey that was recently revealed by screenrant Blizzard Entertainment, makers of the original World of Warcraft game and the upcoming movie based on the game.

The survey, which was released by user Jon Urbana, reveals that Blizzard is planning on offering fans the option of a special package that gives fans access to the game and offer some expansion packs for free. Blizzard has not officially annoucned this special package and is is unclear whether or not it will be available to fans when the movie is released, but it would end up being a great tie-in and a way to introduce new fans to the game.

World of Warcraft is an online multi-player roleplaying game, that requires players to pay a monthly subscription in order to keep playing the game. This tie-in is a great marketing tool for the game, because it is a great way to get potential new fans interested in the game.

The first World of Warcraft Movie, Warcraft, is due to hit theaters on June, 10th 2016. The second movie in the franchise World of Warcraft : Legion, does not have a release date yet, but Blizzard anticipates that it will be released close to September 11th.

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