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Live Mint has reported that Visual search start-ups are beginning to become more prevalent in online commerce. These companies help consumers find exactly what they are looking for at the best prices based on pictures of actual objects in our every day lives. Have you ever told someone “Wow, I really like that bag. Where did you get it?” only to find that they can’t recall where they purchased it? That’s where visual search would come in handy. Just simply snap a picture of the bag, upload it and let the artificial intelligence in the program find you the best deals on identical or similar items. This can be very useful for people who seem to always end up getting the wrong size or the wrong items when they shop online.

There are several start-up companies around the world who are developing visual search software to serve this exact purpose. One such company is Slyce. Slyce’s Universal Scanner is among the most advanced technology available for this purpose. Using state of the art image recognition software Slyce has the ability to offer results almost instantly. Giving customers exact matches. When an exact match cannot be found, the software will find similar items with ease.

Slyce not only matches your 3D images to items and coupons online, but can also recognize 2D images such as printed material, photographs and billboards as well as 1D images like barcodes, QR codes and coupons. Slyce does all of this in order to link the customer directly to the product information in a matter of seconds no matter what the individual may be looking for.

With software like Slyce on the rise, online and in store shopping will soon become a breeze with access to the best deals, coupons, prices and items available right at our fingertips.

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