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Michael Jackson is topping the list of artists with a large number of impersonators. Among the greatest of them all is Sergio Cortes. He is a Spanish-born artist with an impressive resemblance to the pop idol Michael. Sergio discusses his career in fitting the life of pop’s greatest artist.


The world awoke to the news of Michael’s death in Los Angeles at his prestigious mansion. News said that Michael had died while sleeping at his mansion. There were several unsuccessful attempts to save his life from his doctor known as Conrad Murray. Michael was taken in critical condition to Ronald Reagan hospital where he was declared dead around 2 am in the morning.


According to an article published in dino.com, Sergio notes that knowing Michael was the beginning of his career. He met the pop singer as a child when Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows. The Spanish artist is 43 years old. Imitating a person you have never met is not that easy. Sergio depended on the interests and images he had of Michaels shows. His young ages were characterized by a vibrant desire to perfect his moves as those of Michael.


Sergio has two good things that every impersonator needs. A good and talent voice similar to that of Michael and a good resemblance that is very similar to Michael. Those who have watched his videos may have a difficult time differentiating the real Michael and Sergio. He has perfected his moves and songs so great that the fans have an approval of him to succeed Michael. Through his brilliant performance, the artist has travelled in various places around the world. He performs the tribute to Jackson shows.


Sergio life revolves around entertaining his fans. He says that he references Michael in his life. The fans also describe his songs and dances as impressive. On the fans disclosed to dino.com that Sergio is the greatest impersonator of Michael he has ever seen. The fans use his Facebook fan page to book performance shows and invite Sergio to tour their country. The page currently has over 16000 followers.


Cortes notes that the death of Michael was an excellent low to his career. He discloses that he misses the real Michael and his performances. Sergio admits that his performances are a true tribute to Jackson. They are also a way of helping the fans bear with the grief.

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