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Ken Griffin is a big name on Wall Street for the success that he has produced with his investment firm known as Citadel. He is perhaps starting to gain a reputation around Harvard as well for the generous gift he offered them. He offered $150 to Harvard to help fund student scholarships. The school is near and dear to the heart of Griffin who graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree some time ago. He believes very much in education, and he will be the first to tell you that his education helped him get to where he is today. It required a lot of hard work in general, but the education was a critical part of the entire process. Griffin is an investor and he has managed to make up a net worth of $7 billion with many years stretching out before him to make even more. In fact, an exciting thing about him is that he is actively climbing up the Forbes list of wealthiest people on the planet quite quickly. He jumped many spots in 2015 when he went from 91st to 69th in just the span of one year. A lot of this move had to do with how he played the market watch. While others on the Forbes list ahead of him panicked and made the wrong moves in 2015 in the markets, Griffin stuck to his strategies and produced results that were the envy of the entire market. He did not get distracted by the turmoil in August or anything else for that matter, he just kept working through it. People who move up the Forbes 400 list tend to do so because they take concrete actions that help them climb that ladder. It is how they got to where they are right now in the first place, and it is also how they can continue to jump up more spots along the way. It is not as though he needs to do so in order to prove anything to anyone, but it is always a great feeling to be recognized as one of the wealthiest people that exists on the planet.

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