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Michael Jackson is topping the list of artists with a large number of impersonators. Among the greatest of them all is Sergio Cortes. He is a Spanish-born artist with an impressive resemblance to the pop idol Michael. Sergio discusses his career in fitting the life of pop’s greatest artist.


The world awoke to the news of Michael’s death in Los Angeles at his prestigious mansion. News said that Michael had died while sleeping at his mansion. There were several unsuccessful attempts to save his life from his doctor known as Conrad Murray. Michael was taken in critical condition to Ronald Reagan hospital where he was declared dead around 2 am in the morning.


According to an article published in, Sergio notes that knowing Michael was the beginning of his career. He met the pop singer as a child when Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows. The Spanish artist is 43 years old. Imitating a person you have never met is not that easy. Sergio depended on the interests and images he had of Michaels shows. His young ages were characterized by a vibrant desire to perfect his moves as those of Michael.


Sergio has two good things that every impersonator needs. A good and talent voice similar to that of Michael and a good resemblance that is very similar to Michael. Those who have watched his videos may have a difficult time differentiating the real Michael and Sergio. He has perfected his moves and songs so great that the fans have an approval of him to succeed Michael. Through his brilliant performance, the artist has travelled in various places around the world. He performs the tribute to Jackson shows.


Sergio life revolves around entertaining his fans. He says that he references Michael in his life. The fans also describe his songs and dances as impressive. On the fans disclosed to that Sergio is the greatest impersonator of Michael he has ever seen. The fans use his Facebook fan page to book performance shows and invite Sergio to tour their country. The page currently has over 16000 followers.


Cortes notes that the death of Michael was an excellent low to his career. He discloses that he misses the real Michael and his performances. Sergio admits that his performances are a true tribute to Jackson. They are also a way of helping the fans bear with the grief.

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George Soros – according to his website – founded The Open Society Foundations in 1979, but before that attended the London School of Economics and opened an international investment fund in the United States shortly after. Since founding The Open Society Foundations, he has given out up to $835 million a year as of 2011. He’s even written quite a few books, including his newest title The Tragedy of the European Union in 2014.

This newest book talks about a topic that Soros has spoken on FX Street about quite a bit recently. Everyone is aware that the Syrian migrant crisis is exactly that – a crisis. All are aware of what is going on with that issue. However, what they have failed to notice, according to an interview Soros gave on January 21, 2016, is that the migrant crisis is only one of four reasons the European Union is failing.

The other three reasons he gives are the Greek financial crisis, the possible exit of Britain from the EU’s markets, and how the EU is now treating Ukraine. These four issues combined are creating a toxic environment in the European Union, and the reasons these need to be addressed are quite dire.

The reasons Soros have given for addressing the financial issue in Greece are compelling. The debt in Greece is humongous. The country owes a lot to the European Union, and there’s hardly enough Euros to go around. The investments and rates are astronomical, and there’s hardly money for them to operate and pay debt. These current conditions will likely make the economic depression in Greece worse, Soros predicts.

The migrant crisis is the largest of the four reasons, Soros notes, that the European Union is failing. There’s no effective policy for taking up those seeking asylum. Since Syria is very close to the European Union, geographically speaking, it makes sense that they would take up migrants. Except they aren’t doing this. Instead, they have effectively closed their borders. Making and then extending a plan to deal with taking in those seeking asylum from the crisis in Syria, Soros adds, is going to be key in making sure the European Union doesn’t fall apart.

As for Britain’s possible exit from the European Union’s market – or the Brexit – could threaten political ties more than economical ties. Britain currently uses the pound, which has quite some punch against the euro, and has a low exchange rate for euros. This means that it takes fewer British pounds to have more euros. If Britain pulls away from the market in the European Union, they may lose their best place of export, and access to the open market that they currently have.

For the Ukraine crisis, the idea is to prevent the country from being in the same place as Greece is now. It would take a few years, of course, but it could be prevented now. Not only that, but Soros adds that Ukraine is the best bet to avoiding Russian aggression.

The Aggregate, a quarterly report on the luxury real estate market in New York City published by Town Residential had some interesting information. The real estate market in New York City apartments for sale continues to see gains in both median price and the amount of time spent on the market.

Agents, investors and prospective buyers should pay attention to the following key data compiled and analyzed by Town Residential. The average price of a sale in the borough of Manhattan increased by about 5% in the past year climbing to near $2 million dollars, while the overall price of sales in the entire city rose 16% and averaged about $1,150,000. This tells something very interesting. Manhattan continues to be the most expensive borough when it comes to homes, but other boroughs such as Queens and Brooklyn are seeing higher growth.

A promising trend for sellers in New York City is that the price per square footage of space continues to rise to record levels. The average price per square foot in New York City was about $1,365 up by about 6% over the year. The latest quarter published also saw an increase in the average square footage price bumping it up to $1,505 according to the latest report. This should give sellers some optimism about getting a good value for their investment or home in New York City.

Manhattan’s real estate market, when compared to other boroughs tends to be more volatile. This is proven by the fact that when new developments are completed, sales tend to boom or peak as prized apartments and real estate is quickly snatched up. Once these prized developments are sold, the Manhattan market tends to slow down and sales are slow.

The resale market on Manhattan is markedly different than the high demand and high sale price typical of new developments. Homes being resold on the market tend to be on the market for much longer than new developments. Combined with a large inventory in Manhattan nowadays, resales now tend to favor the purchasers. The original article on Town Residential’s quarterly report on luxury housing in New York City was published on Virtual Strategy Marketing and can be read in full there.

BMG bank vice president and top Brazilian executive, Marcio Alaor, was honored in his hometown. A food court was named after him. This was undertaken during the 33rd Agricultural exhibition called Expose Samonte in Santo Antonio do Monte. This information was originally reported on as highlighted below
The award emphasized the services Marcio Alaor had provided to his hometown. His professional growth has been attained through hard work with the continuous support of the city residents that motivated him through his journey. Marcio Alaor did all that without forgetting his roots.
According to, Dr. Wilmer, an earlier friend of Marcio Alaor, was among the first to notice the potential Marcio Alaor had of becoming a successful man. When he was still a shoe shiner, Dr. Wilmer sent Marcio Alaor shoes to shine every week. From the urge to make money and be self reliant, Marcio Alaor’s journey to greatness started. He always sought to learn and grow. Through his determination, he is now the vice president of one of the largest banks in Brazil. Marcio Alaor has cemented his place as one of the top businessmen in Brazil.
Despite of the great success that he has had, Marcio Alaor has not forgotten his origin in Santo de Monte. He appreciates his origin and has always played an active role especially in encouraging rural growth. As such, emotions were high during the event marking his tribute. His countrymen showed their gratitude which symbolized the kind of friendship and connection Marcio Alaor had with his home city as well as its history. The attendees took the chance to affirm their support for the city, its economic growth in the rural areas and initiatives that generate social progress.
Marcio Alaor reiterated on the importance of maintaining friendship and the value of having a connection with the people of the city. In an interview with the Santo Antonio do Monte Journal, Marcio emphasized on the importance of putting people first instead of money. He appreciated the people of the city for honoring him and reaffirmed that he will always be part of the city’s plans to achieve its potential.
Marcio Alaor
Currently, Marcio Alaor serves as the vice president of BMG bank. He is one of the top minds within the financial sector in Brazil and the world. Marcio Alaor has analyzed severally various developments within the global economy. One such example is the analysis he did on the performance of automakers covering General Motors, Toyota, and Chrysler among others. Additionally, Marcio Alaor has explained why Australia has been an exception when other countries have faced economic instability trying to recover from the crisis of 2008.

Ken Griffin is a big name on Wall Street for the success that he has produced with his investment firm known as Citadel. He is perhaps starting to gain a reputation around Harvard as well for the generous gift he offered them. He offered $150 to Harvard to help fund student scholarships. The school is near and dear to the heart of Griffin who graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree some time ago. He believes very much in education, and he will be the first to tell you that his education helped him get to where he is today. It required a lot of hard work in general, but the education was a critical part of the entire process. Griffin is an investor and he has managed to make up a net worth of $7 billion with many years stretching out before him to make even more. In fact, an exciting thing about him is that he is actively climbing up the Forbes list of wealthiest people on the planet quite quickly. He jumped many spots in 2015 when he went from 91st to 69th in just the span of one year. A lot of this move had to do with how he played the market watch. While others on the Forbes list ahead of him panicked and made the wrong moves in 2015 in the markets, Griffin stuck to his strategies and produced results that were the envy of the entire market. He did not get distracted by the turmoil in August or anything else for that matter, he just kept working through it. People who move up the Forbes 400 list tend to do so because they take concrete actions that help them climb that ladder. It is how they got to where they are right now in the first place, and it is also how they can continue to jump up more spots along the way. It is not as though he needs to do so in order to prove anything to anyone, but it is always a great feeling to be recognized as one of the wealthiest people that exists on the planet.