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Sergio Cortes is one of the premiere impersonators in the world today. He world famous for his impersonation of Michael Jackson, and a recent article in R7 highlights an interview with Sergio that helps his fans understand how he goes about his process. Impersonating the king of pop is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but Sergio seems to have done it with a class and flair that is astonishing. This article explores how Sergio Cortes became the finest impersonator known to man.

#1: Sergio Has Altered His Look

Sergio took great pains to ensure that his look was consistent with that of Michael Jackson, and anyone who sees pictures of Sergio will be struck by how similar he looks to Michael. The appearance is almost uncanny even when someone gets close to Sergio, and the look is perfect for the stage. Anyone who comes to a show done by Sergio will feel as though they are in the presence of Michael Jackson because Sergio has done such great work on his appearance.

#2: Sergio Sings Very Well

Sergio is one of the best singers anyone will hear live. His live shows are based on the music of Michael Jackson, and Sergio sings as if he is Michael. This amazing gift that Sergio has is something that few people can replicate. He is able to make many of Michael’s greatest hits sound like they are coming from the master himself, and Sergio adheres to studio recording style as much as possible.

#3: Sergio Dances, Too

Sergio Cortes is an excellent dancer who has been able to learn the dance moves of Michael Jackson to accompany his music. The combination of both music and dance allows Sergio’s shows to appear more authentic, and Sergio uses his dance moves to highlight the amazing attire he wears. Sergio knows that appearing to be Michael is one thing, but Sergio has created a persona that cuts to the core of who Michael was.

Sergio Cortes finishes off every show with a beautiful outfit that makes him look like Michael Jackson on tour. The clothing is added to music and dance that is first rate, and Sergio helps people feel like they are getting back in touch with one of the greatest entertainers of all times. Going to a show by Sergio Cortes allows music lovers to enjoy an appearance by Michael Jackson once more.

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