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When Sergio was a teenager, he was asked to wear a Michael Jackson costume. Photos of Sergio in the MJ costume were startling accurate and were exceptionally impressive. This realization profoundly changed the rest of his life. The passion in Sergio Cortes for Michael’s music quickly developed into an additional vocation. Sergio already exhibited an inherent aptitude for singing, composing and performing. He proceeded to accumulate invitations to perform on American Idol in numerous countries. His incredible resemblance to the King of Pop and his growing influence of Michael’s music created a natural transition into becoming the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator.

Impersonating such a great icon is neither easy nor is it for everyone. The similarity was such that in 2009 he was honored as one of America’s best late singer doubles. Sergio Cortes’ destiny had been confirmed. The clothes, the voice, and his very mannerism were virtually identical. He continues to perfect Michael Jackson’s walk, dance, presentation and even how MJ would interact with fans. Cortes finds it very rewarding to present his best imitation to those around the world who embrace the eminence of his music, stage, film and make his depiction less like a profession and more comparable to an honor and a privilege.

Sergio Cortes confesses that he was extremely upset after the passing of Michael Jackson. “It is even crueler when you have identified and have empathized with the eccentricities of such a beloved idol. You know all about his life and have assimilated him as part of your everyday existence. It was a devastation on my life, “says Sergio Cortes. He hoped his performances would offer fans of the late singer time and occasion to overcome the pain of the sudden and tragic loss together.

Today, the Spanish 43-year old’s resemblance to the pop idol has secured Sergio Cortes with frequent shows and performances. His popularity has grown to more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is the social networks where Sergio divulges his work, talks to the enthusiastic supporters and welcomes proposals for new appearances.

Follow the link to read the original interview with Sergio Cortes by the e-publication on February 5, 2015, in Spanish. Discover even more by joining his many friends, fans and follower thru his Twitter and Facebook groups where he continues to share his life as well as the love and magical bonds of the phenomenon celebrated within the Michael Jackson legacy.


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