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When talking about controversial businesswomen, no one is as good as Doe Deere to fit this description. Girls are constantly seeing her pictures on Instagram, where she regularly posts many beauty tips, makeup tutorials, fashion tips etc. What makes her controversial is not just unusual name, but her company and everything this company stands for. In addition to this, she is also a musician and a model. Overall, everything that makes any businesswomen unique.
Her Music Career
Miss Deere founded a rock band called Sky Salt with her husband in 2002. After two years, she released a CD called ‘I Believe In Fairytales’, and her band toured in the country playing at many bars and clubs. However, the band had so many difficulties in arranging shows that she disbanded it in 2006 and begin recording relaxing music by the name of Doe Deere. She posted her songs on Myspace , but after some time she decided that this was not enough to keep pace with her personality.
Doe Deere’s DYI Line
Doe Deere began selling DIY clothing in 2003 on, the time when she was known as Xenia. She did this on eBay, which many popular designers visited in order to test out their lines as well. This is how girls came to know Miss Deere, and she enjoyed cutting her T-shirts and making different models from it. The common theme among DIYers was the use of unusual and bright patterns and colors. She later changed the brand’s name into Lime Crime, and this is also the time when her obsession with Shrinkle, a fashion designer, began. Her line then consisted of T-shirts that were cut, and after that she tried something different.
Lime Crime: The Most Unique Cosmetics Line
Miss Deere started this company as she wanted the cosmetics that would stand for her personality and imagination. The theory behind Lime Crime is that it is not just aimed at enhancing girls’ appearance, but at expressing their personality as well. Her idea was that girls should not be limited to traditional colors, but also to bright colors, which can be an expression of who they really are. Any vibrant color can be used for this purpose, from blue, green, white to even black. Her style is definitely feminine, and the brand has become so popular that many girls find inspiration in her makeup tutorials she regularly posts on Instagram etc. In addition to all this, Miss Deere’s cosmetics products are vegan , and it has been proud since the beginning to be the first cruelty- free cosmetics line.
To conclude, Doe Deere, the most controversial businesswoman, now represents the main inspiration for many girls who see their makeup as a way of expressing themselves. Her vibrant color products, together with its unusual names, are something any cool girl must have.

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