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The human rights movement has worked hard to help bring attention to many important issues around the world. People who are involved in this issue are those who are willing to confront the fact that many nations of the world need to do better by their citizens. Many governments of the world even in today’s world have done little to provide for the needs of most of their citizens. In some parts of the world, the entire nation is essentially controlled by a small band of people who are not necessarily inclined to share power with those living there or particularly willing to make sure that such residents even have access to basic necessities.

Many human rights activists done much to help focus attention on certain places in the world. Their work has often helped people living in such nations that they can have help when they are trying to improve their living standards. In doing so, many human rights activists have been able to focus attention on as specific part of the world and help bring pressure to bear on what may be going on there. Such activists aim to help shape world opinion about a given area. They may also wish to help push leaders in other countries to demand that leaders in that part of the world change their basic policies. Any given activist may wish to help provide people living in that part of the world with better access to basics such as food as well as other kinds of rights such as the chance to express themselves freely without any kind of retaliation from the government in question.

One such human rights activist is Yeonmi Park. Park grew up in North Korea. North Korea is one place where people have started to focus attention in recent years. This part of the world is controlled by a small group of people who have fundamental power over the entire nation. They have done much to enrich their own pockets and little to help provide for the needs of people living there. Park grew up in North Korea and was forced to endure all sorts of awful things happening to her. She and her family often went without enough food despite the fact that the nation has the resources to feed itself. She was able to beat the odds and leave the nation of North Korea for the nation of China.

After leaving this nation, Yeonmi Park on youtube has worked with her fellow human rights activists to help tell the world what is going on in North Korea and push the leaders of the nation to do far better by their own people. She has repeatedly told what it was like growing up here to many audiences around the world as well as via the internet. The result of her efforts has been that many people have heard her story about what is going on in North Korea today and learned more than expected about this part of the world.

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