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Lime Crime is a makeup line that was made for those who were born to standout. It was created by Doe Deere because she understood just how important it was for girls and boys to have a makeup line that allows them to express themselves. This is that line. There is literally a product for everyone at this makeup company. There are all different cosmetics with different colors and different textures. Deere understands that we are all made differently and therefore all of our makeup needs are different. She understands that we are all unique individuals and therefore don’t want to wear mass-produced makeup from a drug store.

It’s hard to choose my favorite product at Lime Crime. I’d have to go with the unicorn lipsticks. She literally has a shade for every mood that I may find myself in. I love the bright shades and the pastels. All of them glide on so smoothly and they last the whole time I’m at work.

The other products are great as well. Aside from all your lip color needs, there is a line of eye products. Lime Crime offers eye shadows, eye liners, and zodiac glitter. Zodiac glitter is absolutely awesome. It’s a fun and bold form of makeup. I love wearing just this product on my eyes. It’s so fun because it shimmers and changes color depending on what angle someone looks at it at.

Lime Crime also offers a line of nail polish. They’re fun and long-lasting. All of these products are reasonably priced. They don’t charge an arm and a leg for a tube of lipstick like some places do. Buying makeup in bulk is a great idea too. There’d free shipping on orders over $50. All of these products are animal friendly and vegan friendly. A person never has to worry about how their product was made. The makeup is made in the safest way possible.

Overall, Lime Crime is for those daring to be different. The website offers a look book for those who need just a little inspiration on their look. Lime Crime makeup is made for anyone that wants to look magical. It’s a product line that truly cares about how an individual looks. These products are perfect for any event and any lifestyle. They can be used all the time. They can be used for a night out. They can be used for a special occasion. They are always around no matter what the time or place.

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