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The life of Stephen Murray is highly regarded in the world of business, but mostly because of his ingenuity. There isn’t much to know about Murray’s early life, but his entry into the world of economics is what most entrepreneurs are familiar with. Earning a degree in economics, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital later attended Columbia Business School to get his Master’s degree in Business Administration.

In the early 80’s, Murray took an interest in analyzing credit and became an analyst for Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation. A few years later, this corporation joined forces with another corporation which boasted their finance department. Finance is everything, and with Stephen Murray CCMP Capital love affair with it and how to use finances, he was able to further his career later by founding his private equity firm CCMP Capital.

A long chain of mergers transpired prior to the founding of CCMP Capital including the merger of Chemical Bank to Manufacturers Hanover, which later turned into Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Venture Partners later merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. This well-known corporation has long been a model by which finance was managed. The prestigious firm of JP Morgan Chase, made Murray the head of buyouts in 2005. The love of private equity and finance gave Murray the push he needed to create CCMP Capital.

As the co-founder, Murray was focused on furthering the private equity and buyouts for major industries including healthcare and energy. It wasn’t until 2007 that he was finally appointed as the CEO of CCMP. The long journey to be the CEO of this firm along with his service on several boards of major corporations is what led to Murray being highly regarded as one of the best deal-makers and investors of his time.

CCMP Capital lost Murray to his death in March of 2015, leaving the company in good hands due to his diligence prior. Contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College, The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and other charitable foundations has contributed to the legacy that Murray leaves behind for his family.

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