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Lime Crime is a makeup line that was made for those who were born to standout. It was created by Doe Deere because she understood just how important it was for girls and boys to have a makeup line that allows them to express themselves. This is that line. There is literally a product for everyone at this makeup company. There are all different cosmetics with different colors and different textures. Deere understands that we are all made differently and therefore all of our makeup needs are different. She understands that we are all unique individuals and therefore don’t want to wear mass-produced makeup from a drug store.

It’s hard to choose my favorite product at Lime Crime. I’d have to go with the unicorn lipsticks. She literally has a shade for every mood that I may find myself in. I love the bright shades and the pastels. All of them glide on so smoothly and they last the whole time I’m at work.

The other products are great as well. Aside from all your lip color needs, there is a line of eye products. Lime Crime offers eye shadows, eye liners, and zodiac glitter. Zodiac glitter is absolutely awesome. It’s a fun and bold form of makeup. I love wearing just this product on my eyes. It’s so fun because it shimmers and changes color depending on what angle someone looks at it at.

Lime Crime also offers a line of nail polish. They’re fun and long-lasting. All of these products are reasonably priced. They don’t charge an arm and a leg for a tube of lipstick like some places do. Buying makeup in bulk is a great idea too. There’d free shipping on orders over $50. All of these products are animal friendly and vegan friendly. A person never has to worry about how their product was made. The makeup is made in the safest way possible.

Overall, Lime Crime is for those daring to be different. The website offers a look book for those who need just a little inspiration on their look. Lime Crime makeup is made for anyone that wants to look magical. It’s a product line that truly cares about how an individual looks. These products are perfect for any event and any lifestyle. They can be used all the time. They can be used for a night out. They can be used for a special occasion. They are always around no matter what the time or place.

Many people have heard of Brian Mulligan. He is an accomplished opera singer who has paved his way to the music business by exhibiting incredible talent. This musician is known in different countries for his unique forte in this industry, and he continues to impress his audience members every day.
Brian was born in Endicott, New York. When he was only 17, Brian starred in his first musical in high school as a singer. His music teacher during this time set him up to start seeing a vocal trainer, Todd Geer. Mulligan soon fell in love with opera singing. After showcasing his interest in music in high school, he went on to Yale University and Julliard. W. Stephen Smith was his voice instructor during college and continues to be today. Mulligan decided to be a baritone singer in the opera, and his first introduction was in 2003 at the Metropolitan Opera in the show Die Frau ohne Shatten. He was still a student at Julliard at the time, but this outstanding performance quickly launched his prosperous career.
Soon after this accomplishment, Brian became well known as a baritone opera singer. He started performing at some of the most popular opera houses in America, being applauded and praised in ever act. A few operas that Mulligan sang at were the San Francisco Opera, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Houston Grand Opera, and the New York City Opera. These performances won Brian a lot of career opportunities and fame.
A few of Brian’s most memorable performances include him playing Richard Nixon in Nixon in China and being the leading star in Hamlet. His opera shows have been acknowledged all over the United States and also in Ireland, where Mulligan was named a top Irish American singer in the Irish America Magazine. Brian has Irish heritage, and has stated that he loves to visit this country and has gotten inspiration from Irish singers since he was a little kid.
Brian continues to excel in his career. Whether it be a opera or a musical, Mulligan has big plans for his future. He is an exceptionally talented singer and performer, and with his competitive and inspiring attitude Brian will have no problem surpassing every milestone in his profession.

Slyce, a Toronto based tech startup that specializes in visual search recognition, is poised on the brink of domination of the online buying market. Visual search recognition is a rapidly growing field that has already been introduced to the world through Amazon Flow, or the Amazon Firefly feature available through its Amazon Fire phones.

Visual search recognition allows consumers to point the camera on their phone at a product and the app will then determine what the product is and then quickly scan through through millions of individual product photos to find a match. The Amazon Flow is limited in its ability, however, as it can only recognize products still in the original packaging, as it relies heavily on branding to determine what the item is. The problem with this, of course, is that many retail items don’t contain product branding on the item itself, nor do many of the most sought after products product packaging in the first place. So when you see someone walking down the street with a product or item you just have to have, you are dependent on their memory of where they got it and what the specific name of the product is.

Slyce, however, is a whole new entity as it has the ability to recognize products with no packaging, such as shoes or other clothing items. Slyce relies heavily on multiple images online retailers already have stored for their products. This allows Slyce to determine the specific nature of the product based on a process of elimination. Slyce will first use an algorithm that helps it determine what the item is overall: a shirt, a car or a baseball bat. Then it begins to narrow down features completely unique to the item. If it is a shirt, it determines whether the fabric is patterned or plain, how many buttons it has, and whether it has a collar and cuffs or whether it’s long sleeved or short sleeved.

From there it can narrow down specific item attributes even further to more minute details like the exact distance between the buttons on a shirt, the specific length of the collar and cuffs or the depth of the neckline. Ultimately, the goal is to not just make an exact product match, but to also be able to offer the closest alternative, if the product is out of stock, on backorder or the specific size needed is not available.

Recently, Slyce has acquired Tel-Aviv based Pounce, which is a checkout feature for mobile shopping apps. With Pounce, consumers can enter their checkout information one time and purchase from a number of stores all at the same time. With Pounce in their pockets, Slyce is poised to slice themselves a very large piece of the internet marketing pie.

Human rights activists have become critical members of the society as they continue to oversee the liberation of oppressed people worldwide. These individuals dedicate their time and resources for the welfare of the greater society. They are selfless and fearless. Activism is a challenging field and any individual who wants to join it need to be highly motivated.
1) Figure your passion
Just like any other field, passion is what will drive any activist against all the obstacles that he will go through during his campaigns. One’s passion can be freedom of speech, education, gender equality, and many others. With passion, an aspiring activist will be able to concentrate both his energy and resources at ensuring that real change is achieved in his area of campaign.
2) Research existing effort
There is a high likelihood that there are already some actions in your area of passion. Do adequate research to identify what actions have been taken at the local, national, and world level. It is easier to work with already existing efforts rather than starting a whole new system. With already existing efforts, one can also land paid activist positions. Positions with pay will help an activist to concentrate better on his campaigns as he will not have to worry about how to pay his bills and travel expenses. Doing online searches from one’s web enabled phone or computer is the easiest way to find already existing efforts.
3) Find how you can contribute to your cause
The main aim of activism is to bring change; as an activist, you should ensure this happens. Development of ideas on how the existing problems can be solved is a great way to start. The ideas should be generated in a step by step method. It has been proven that the society accepts small changes faster than massive changes. Deciding whether you want to use radical activism or reformer activism, is also important. Radical activists stage boycotts, protests, and summits to force changes. Reformer activists on the other hand prefer to get into a system and change it from within.
4) Practice patience
Societies tend to be rigid. They always tend to fight human rights activists. A number of activists have been pushing for certain changes for years and no tangible changes have been realized. Impatient activists will usually give up within a few years rather than continuous fighting till a change is achieved. Aspiring activists should always remember that they don’t have to see immediate rewards; the reward by come much later, but as a result of their current efforts.
Yeonmi Park is an example on youtube of highly motivated human rights activists who has continued with her fight for the rights of the oppressed people in North Korea. Despite over two years of campaigns, major world leaders are yet to take an action against the regime. Park is famed for her escape from the brutal North Korean regime through the aid of human traffickers. Yeonmi Park is currently writing a book to help her campaign efforts.
Motivation is what keeps many established activists going. Aspiring activists should ensure they remain highly motivated to avoid succumbing to the challenges in the field. Working with other like minded individuals will help aspiring activists to remain motivated.

The life of Stephen Murray is highly regarded in the world of business, but mostly because of his ingenuity. There isn’t much to know about Murray’s early life, but his entry into the world of economics is what most entrepreneurs are familiar with. Earning a degree in economics, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital later attended Columbia Business School to get his Master’s degree in Business Administration.

In the early 80’s, Murray took an interest in analyzing credit and became an analyst for Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation. A few years later, this corporation joined forces with another corporation which boasted their finance department. Finance is everything, and with Stephen Murray CCMP Capital love affair with it and how to use finances, he was able to further his career later by founding his private equity firm CCMP Capital.

A long chain of mergers transpired prior to the founding of CCMP Capital including the merger of Chemical Bank to Manufacturers Hanover, which later turned into Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Venture Partners later merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. This well-known corporation has long been a model by which finance was managed. The prestigious firm of JP Morgan Chase, made Murray the head of buyouts in 2005. The love of private equity and finance gave Murray the push he needed to create CCMP Capital.

As the co-founder, Murray was focused on furthering the private equity and buyouts for major industries including healthcare and energy. It wasn’t until 2007 that he was finally appointed as the CEO of CCMP. The long journey to be the CEO of this firm along with his service on several boards of major corporations is what led to Murray being highly regarded as one of the best deal-makers and investors of his time.

CCMP Capital lost Murray to his death in March of 2015, leaving the company in good hands due to his diligence prior. Contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College, The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and other charitable foundations has contributed to the legacy that Murray leaves behind for his family.

All ladies know how difficult it is to find makeup products that are a perfect fit for them. Most ladies end up trying out a wide range of products before they can actually find a good match. In a number of cases, you are likely to encounter products that are simply a wrong match. Sometimes, you may find yourself wearing makeup that makes you look like a totally different person, in a bad way.

Makeup should make you feel better about yourself, not worse. Beauty products are meant to bring out the positive aspects of your face and body. Each product you use should highlight your inner beauty. This means that if you end up looking and feeling bad after wearing beauty products, there is something you are not doing right. The reason for your bad experience with makeup may simply be the fact that you shop in the wrong places.

You can change your experience with beauty products by shopping in a store or from a company that understands what its clients need. There are some sellers who may simply want to make a sale without really caring what products they sell to their clients. Some may only want to push their products from their stores or online sales platforms. All these is always done at the expense of the buyer.

To avoid any bad experiences with makeup, look for a company that makes products suitable for your use. You need to find a manufacturer and seller who takes into account the small issues you care about. Makeup lovers desire products that will make them appear flawless throughout the day. No one has the time and energy to keep powdering their face and redoing their lipstick during a busy day.

Every woman loves a unique kind of product that really stands out among friends and workmates. You definitely want your friends to ask you what you have been using on your face once you meet them. The truth is that not every makeup company can provide you with products that satisfy the above description, unlike Lime Crime on Amazon. Not all products will make you feel like you are supposed to.

Lime Crime is a company that shares not only your ideas about ideal makeup, but also other dreams you have about making yourself a better and more successful individual. The kind of products made by this company are meant to steer you into a successful life since they will make you feel confident as you engage in your daily activities.

The company manufactures products that make it very easy for you to focus on other aspects of your life since you do not have to worry about how you look. The products the company has in stock last for the entire day which means they do not need to be touched up every second. The company has makeup for your eyes, nails and lips. You can shop for everything you like from them without having to go elsewhere for different products. Always purchase your makeup from a company that understands you.

As people are getting more active in the internet whether is in social media, Youtube, email, apps or just surfacing the web, people are using more data than ever before. Now that unlimited data plans are no longer available from AT&T and Verizon, only T-Mobile and Sprint still offer unlimited data plans. However in the current economic state that we are in, not many people are willing to pay uptown prices for data plans on If we look at Verizon’s data plan cost, it is almost similar to AT&T.

Small size is 1GB for $30, medium size 3GB for $45, large size 6GB for $60 and X-large size 12 GB for $80. If you want more data you can get up to 100 GB for $700 and you have an option for a hotspot for $10 extra. This also included unlimited talk and text. Verizon is known for its reliable network coverage, but it is becoming known as the most expensive wireless carrier around. If we look at AT&T their data plans are a bit cheaper. AT&T shared data plan starts with 300 MB for $20, 2GB for $30, 5GB for $50, 15GB for $100, 20GB for $120 and up to 50GB for $375. Many people are looking many ways on saving money on data plans by choosing that suites their needs. However, there is a new service company that provides free data and free voice. It is called FreedomPop.

Despite of its recent launch in 2012, they expect to have 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. Many people may ask how FreedomPop works and how data plans and talk is free. So basically FreedomPop is mobile virtual network operator, it doesn’t own any kind of infrastructure like major wireless companies do. What they do is buy data from Sprint at wholesale prices. All what customers need to do is to get a used smartphone and once is activated, the customer will get 500 MB, 200 voice minutes and 500 text messages for free each month. What happens if you exceed the amount data? Well you have the option to buy more MB at $0.02 per MB and $0.01 per SMS talk. You also have an option for an unlimited plan for $20. Thanks to this new emerging company, people have an alternate way to dramatically reduce their data plan expenses.

FreedomPop is currently planning to offer a free roaming SIM card to 15 markets in the U.S and the U.K. It is also available in 7 countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Cambodia and Sri Lanka with a total of 230 million subscribers. In Southeast Asia, FreedomPop is sold through Axiata as a sub-brand. In spite of operating in 7 countries already, together Freedompop along with Axiata will expand to other Asian countries that doesn’t operate currently. They also use that same model of mobile virtual network operator in Southeast Asia as it is used in the U.S. It is only a matter of time that we’ll see the increase of popularity for years to come.

Finance is a deep corporate shark infested pool where the sharks with the biggest teeth have the largest share of fish. Private equity is made up of equity securities and liabilities in companies that aren’t publicly traded. These are usually operating companies, not on stock exchange.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity investment company with its focal point on growth capital transactions and leverage buyout. Since 1984, CCMP has invested well over 16 billion dollars in growth equity transactions and buyout. Over the years, CCMP has grown and evolved progressively changing and sculpting into the CCMP Capital we have come to know today. The company was first instituted under the name Chemical Venture Partners to serve Chemical banks venture capital and private equity branch in 1984

The group later on changed its name to JP Morgan Partners following the acquisition of Chase Manhattan Bank by Chemical in 1996. Stephen P. Murray served as the company chief executive officer and president of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital from 1962 to the March of 2015. The former philanthropist and private equity investor graduated with a degree in economics in 1984 from Boston College and merited his masters degree in business administration in 1989 from the Columbia business school.

Murray’s career set off in 1984 when he joined the credit analyst training program held at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Later in 1989, Murray linked up with MH Equity Corporation that brought together the manufacturers Hanover private equity group and its finance unit. After formation of JP Morgan Partners from the acquisition of Chase bank, Murray became the head of buyout business in 2005. Murray played a chief role in the formation of CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Chase and was later in 2007 dubbed the company’s CEO. Murray was known for his amity through his continuous support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He was on the foundations New York chairperson council. He also supported the food bank of lower Fairfield County, Boston College, Columbia Business school and the Stanford Museum

Stephen Murray has lived a life to be emulated; his prowess is evident in his work and life. He serves as an example of an exemplary investor that worked his way to the top of the food chain. Murray knew where he was headed and never had to doubt himself. From a humble background to greatness. His success is warranted through hard work and deserving effort.