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Attorney Dan Newlin works hard to get his clients the results they deserve. Dan started his career in law at age 20 when he went to work for the New Chicago Indiana Police and Fire Department. From there he moved to Florida working for the Orange County Sheriff earning the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. Dan is still proudly serving as a reserve Deputy Sheriff.

After graduating from Florida State College of Law he started Newlin Law in Orlando. Here he has focused his practice on accidents, workers compensation, medical negligence, disability and employment law. In the fall of 2014 he expanded his practice beyond the state of Florida to open an office in Chicago to serve the people of Illinois. Now with two offices he has 18 experienced trial attorneys ready to get the results their clients need and deserve.

Newlin Law recently obtained a record 100 million dollar verdict for the family of Danielle Sampson. Danielle was only 15 years old when she was struck by a stray bullet while sitting in the back of her family’s mini-van. The man who fired the shot was a reputed gang member with a group of men who were fleeing the scene of a home invasion. The teen spent weeks in the hospital and in rehab. She remains paralyzed unable to communicate beyond blinking her eyes. Newlin said he hoped this record verdict sent a powerful message to criminals – that they will be held responsible for their actions.

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Law is part of your community. Dan and his team not only work to help their clients with their legal needs, they sponsor and volunteer for many charities including the American Cancer Society, Make A Wish, March of Dimes, Special Olympics and Boys and Girls Club of America just to name a few.

Let these experienced trial attorneys review your case. You don’t pay unless you win.

It’s a widely known fact that the rich and famous spend money on authentic and exotic art, bringing home shiny pieces to place in their living rooms and proudly show off to their friends. But a few have taken on an a different art altogether of finding newer cheaper art pieces that are barely noticed at the time, and putting them back on the market when their value skyrockets due to the success of the artist or their legacy. Doing this takes the brain of a real wizard indeed, someone just like a sports coach that can see not just the potential of an athlete, but actually have a true vision of where he’ll be down the road. When it comes to recognizing artists with that same ability, businessman Adam Sender has proven with his much coveted art collection that his eyes for talent have been unmatched by anyone else.

Adam Sender has been an entrepreneur for a long time and currently owns a hedge fund managing company called Exis Capital. But some time ago, he started getting a keen interest in different art works. At first it was really nothing more than a hobby he did when he had time off. But gradually, his art collection started to build up and as more paintings came in, he began to consider selling them or displaying them at exhibits and as the appraisers scanned them over, he soon began discovering what a wealth he had amassed in art treasures. In fact, Sender once sold $19 million worth in art pieces at a 2006 auction. One of Sender’s tricks to the trade is that he is known to do searches for artists that are not totally brand new on the scene, but are still at that point where they are trying to get their work recognized. Adam Sender is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

Even though Sender does take all the precautions to protect his hidden treasures at home, he is known to loan them out to various museums, exhibits and educational institutions for various purposes. He holds originals from some of the most famous contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman, Frank Benson, Keith Haring and Jenny Holzer. Some of the exhibitions he has visited or taken his collections to include Sotheby’s, an international art company that hosts auctions all over the world, and the Guggenheim Museum. He’s also hosted many personal exhibits in his Miami home providing lavish parties for his guests as well.

Many people are successful in the career paths that they have chosen for themselves, and I think that that is great. I think that it is important that people stick with what they have chosen to do. And I think that it is great when they do well in the career path that they have chosen for themselves, especially when it comes to something as complicated as economics.
Not everyone will dream of being an economist one day, and not everyone would be a good one even if that was their dream. It takes a special kind of person to choose this as their career, but it is good that there are as many people as there are that want to be in the field, because they are needed.
There are many great economists out there, and Christian Broda is one of them. He knows more about economics than most people will ever know in their life, whether this is something that they have chosen for their career, or not. He has dedicated himself to the work that he is doing, and he is doing well at his job. The advice that he has to offer people on the subject of economics is worth a lot. What he has to say is valuable because of the smarts that he has when it comes to this subject.
Not everyone is like Christian Broda. Not every economist does well when they start off in their career. Many people would choose to give up after just a short time of working in this field, and I love that Christian Broda has decided to keep going. He has the talent to do great things when it comes to economics, and more people should choose to be like him and go for the things that they have a natural talent for.
Not everyone would do well having a career in economics, but there is something out there for everyone. Whether it’s something that sounds as smart as working in economics, or not, I think that everyone should get out there, find the one thing that they are good at, and go for it.

Stephen Murray past away in March 2015. The former President and CEO of CCMP Capital, a private equity firm, left his position in February. His reason for leaving the company was listed as health-related reasons. Murray was 52 years old at the time of his death.

Murray has been with the various incarnations or acquisitions that lead to the ultimate creation of CCMP Capital. He began with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. This was followed by time with MH Equity Corporation, Chemical Venture Partners, Chase Capital Partners, and JP Morgan Partners. In 2005 he co-founded CCMP Capital, a spin off of the buyout business originally under the JP Morgan Partners name. He was named CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007. He served in that position for over seven years, holding the title until his resignation in February 2015.

He grew up in suburb of New York City in Westchester County, New York. His education included a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Boston College in 1984. Murray followed that with a Master’s of Business Administration from Columbia Business School in 1989.

A member of numerous boards, he spent time with AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Aramark, and others throughout his investment career. Murray, as a noted philanthropist, served as a member of the chairman’s council for the New York City Metro Make a Wish Foundation. He was also connected to other charitable organizations including the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Additionally, he served his alma mater Boston College as vice chairman of the board of trustees, and provided long-term support to the Columbia Business School.

Murray was a resident of the state of Connecticut at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife, Tami A. Murray, along with their four sons.

Investment banking is an important part of a functioning capitalist society. I’ve had the pleasure of using the services of an investment banking company and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. Even more importantly, I got the money I needed to keep my company growing. These are bold times we live in. There are a lot of ways to get financing for business people, as I found out.

When you’re looking to deal with anyone in business, you’re going to want to deal with true professionals who understand their business and yours. That makes the entire process easier. When I contacted Highland Capital Management, I knew I was in touch with serious players who knew how to get my company the financing we needed. That money is going to come in handy because we’re ready to undertake an expansion we’ve had in mind for quite some time.

Highland Capital Management has a great reputation because of James Dondero. James has been working in the capital markets for thirty years. In that time he’s learned just about everything there is to know about financing. Highland has a full suite of options that includes Award winning product offerings include REITs, CLOS, hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, and even private equity funds.

Since our company is in the “distressed” category but has high revenues, the team at Highland Capital was able to come up with an investment that really worked for us. It’s tough these days for industrial companies, so a much-needed infusion of revenues really helped us out. For others in the same boat, it’s worth checking them out. Investment banks have a lot of different options. You may want to go with a debt plan or with direct investment.

Making a deal involves finding out what your options are and deciding on which direction you want to go in. I am constantly looking for a way to expand my operations so I can expand operations. Because of that I’ve dealt with a lot of different companies. Most of them do not have the experience and skill that Highland Capital Management has. Much of that can be attributed to the powerful leadership of James Dondero. This guy understands what he’s doing and can always come up with a custom plan for almost any company. Investors are learning that they can get major returns through Highland Capital. These deals are the proverbial “win-win” ones that everybody is always looking for.

There are many ways to get capital for a company. Some deals are better than others. Compare them all with your eyes open and you’ll find what you’re looking for. I’m happy I went with Highland Capital Management. I’ll be doing business with them again soon.