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“If there is something controversial to the entire country that a company is selling, then it shouldn’t be sold any longer until there are other options for those who don’t like the product” says Christian Broda. The Confederate flag is one of those items that stores have stopped selling simply because there are so many who are associating it with slavery and racism. That’s not even what the flag is about. It’s a symbol of the freedom of the southern states from the north. Some people don’t see it like that. Just because it’s used in a different way by a small group of people, stores online like Amazon and eBay, are no longer allowing the sale of items with the Confederate flag. That means people won’t be able to post anything that has the flag on it, such as clothing or decals, and it also means that a symbol that has been in the United States for dozens of years can no longer be purchased at those companies. If one flag is removed, then all of the flags that spark any kind of controversy should be removed, but this isn’t happening as Nazi flags and items that relate to other groups aren’t being pulled. This isn’t fair to the people who are proud of their heritage, and it isn’t fair to the companies that simply want to act as a venue for people to purchase the symbols of freedom.

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