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Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the legalization of marijuana has lead to a large source of income for many businesses as well as a couple of well known celebrities, like Bob Marley and Willie Nelson. However, Christian Broda is against it.

A leading network in cannabis investors, called the ArcView, claims that the legal sales of marijuana is predicted to bring in approximately $3.5 billion dollars in revenue this year. this is up from $2.7 last year and a mere $1.5 billion two years ago. There are now more than two hundred publicly traded companies currently, which is quite a jump from only a few as of 2013. However, most of these firms are small and the bulk of the index is lead by two medical-marijuana firms. It seems that the only real obstacle in the business of pot selling is the politics of it. There are still some big names out there with strong opposition to the legalization of marijuana, but for now, it’s making more than a couple of people some pretty big bucks.

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