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The Elder Scrolls video game franchise has garnered a ton of praise, and the series has also earned a very distinct reputation. Fans of the series know that the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim featured one of the most unique and life-like open world video-game experiences that the entertainment world has ever seen. However, The Witcher 3 was recently released for the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 consoles. RPG fans have quickly voiced their opinion about the greatness of The Witcher 3. Some gamers are calling The Witcher 3 the greatest RPG game of all time according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, and that means that The Witcher is even greater than any game in the Elder Scrolls series.

The Elder Scrolls online releases later this month, and gamers are unsure if they are going to purchase the new Bethesda Game. Last year, the Elder Scrolls: Online was released for PC, and many gaming websites were extremely unimpressed with the experience that the Elder Scrolls: Online gave to gamers. In fact, IGN called the Elder Scrolls: Online the worst game that Bethesda has ever made. Nonetheless, the game has been remade for consoles, and it is expected to release on June 8. However, gamers have already bought The Witcher 3, and it seems rather unlikely that people will want to play the Elder Scrolls: Online after seeing how great The Witcher 3 truly is. It’s quite clear that Bethesda will need to produce better games in the future. Gamerant recently released more information about the Elder Scrolls Online, and gamers are hoping that some new and interesting details for the game have been released.

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