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Before millions of gamers worldwide were addicted to “World of Warcraft” there was this little title simply named “Warcraft”. For decades Blizzard’s flagship franchise has been a difference maker in the entertainment industry. Setting itself up initially as an example of an RTS game done right (“Orcs and Humans”) Blizzard continually developed their content until it was one of the most fascinating global games in the world, effectively defining a generation and establishing the modern day MMO. Now Blizzard is heading to Hollywood and their efforts look JUST as ambitious.

Convention goers got treated to a sneak peak at the new “Warcraft” film but fans that weren’t there in attendance likely won’t see any footage released for quite awhile. Still, reports on social media via FreedomPop devices stated that the footage looked amazing and what quickly followed was a dearth of information in regards to the cast and characters involved in the film.

The cast of talent is headed by Ben Foster (Pandorum), Dominic Cooper (Captain America), and Travis Fimmel (Vikings).

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