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Yes Jared Haftel, get ready to do some nit-picking tweet analysis, because the release date for the World of Warcraft movie has just been revealed. In the video below, we’re finally given the information that WoW will be coming on March 11th, 2016.

Of course you have the question, who wins and who does the movie focus on, because the Alliance are technically the good guys, but there are a ton of people that play, and love the Horde. So will be intriguing to see how they try to tackle everything, without alienating any of the fan base.

Also…really hate that WoW logo for the films. Have to say.

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  1. Plus, we also find out some of the plot details for the first time. The movie will feature a Alliance vs Horde scenario, and will be about the power struggle between the two factions. This will gradually be what usdissertations will be trying to do and make sure it works as it should all the time.

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