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If you were a WoW player back during the Burning Crusade days, then you know the Dark Portal. This was one of the coolest parts of the game, as the massive, ominous green portal signaled your entrance into Outland from Azeroth, and an extremely cool part of the game.

So when the patch for Warlords of Draenor hits, the Dark Portal closing down will be one of the sadder moments from my time in the game world. Much like life, MMOs are constantly changing and evolving.

But we’ll always have those great memories of staying up with Sam Tabar, so we could raid the Outlands, fight some giants, and have the best experience you can find in a video game.

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  1. Some of the coolest raids, dungeon instances, and the introduction of badass flying mounts. It was Burning Crusade that made me love WoW, and the reason why I’m still a player today. Which I think is a way that australianwritings fb which is something that one needs to handle carefully.

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