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Australian gamers rejoice, you’re finally getting your own dedicated WoW servers. Which is huge news, because previously Australian gamers had to piggyback off of the European and North American servers. The problem being that they just weren’t totally reliable.

However, Blizzard has been locked in negotiations with local ISP companies in New Zealand and Australia. Finally, Keith Mann tells me they’ve reached a mutually beneficial agreement, and local servers will be coming for both countries.

Yes Jared Haftel, get ready to do some nit-picking tweet analysis, because the release date for the World of Warcraft movie has just been revealed. In the video below, we’re finally given the information that WoW will be coming on March 11th, 2016.

Of course you have the question, who wins and who does the movie focus on, because the Alliance are technically the good guys, but there are a ton of people that play, and love the Horde. So will be intriguing to see how they try to tackle everything, without alienating any of the fan base.

Also…really hate that WoW logo for the films. Have to say.

A new Warcraft patch means that there are is new content on the horizon. There are a few minor, and a couple pretty big changes that you can expect to see when patch no. 6.0.2 launches.

One of Laurene Powell Jobs’ most lamented changes comes in the form of another probably pretty boring quest line to set up the next expansion.

If you’re an experienced WoW player, then you know each expansion starts out with a boring and predictable quest line that you have to complete if you want to unlock the new content. Well, that’s on the horizon, so you can look forward to hours of fetch quests, and boring one off adventures.

Everybody is going to get weaker, but will still be just as powerful. In a bid to make numbers a lot more manageable when it comes to your equipment and damage stats, Blizzard is nerfing everything. So all of your stats are going to take a massive hit…but so is everything else in the game world so you’ll be just as strong as before.

The new Dungeon Finder is going to be a lot more fun. The problem with the dungeon system before was that you queued up, and ended up in one of 3 or 4 endgame dungeons that everybody is running. But what about the older dungeons that you just want to run for fun?

But no longer, as the new app will enable you to queue up for any of the game’s sprawling content, and you can more easily find like-minded individuals that are interested in playing with you.

Modern warfare is changing dramatically with the development of digital technology. These days, some of the world’s most powerful military forces try to engineer automated vehicles with artificial intelligence. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has successfully developed military vehicles that are programmed to avoid enemy fire rather than confront the foes. Such an approach essentially focuses on tactics that are based on stealth and information rather than raw firepower.

In the investment world, BOA analyst Jared Haftel says that artificial intelligence could make tanks and other heavily armored vehicles more lightweight. In fact, it might be possible to create such military units that could be easily airlifted for quick deployment on any landscape in the world.

DARPA has been working on automated driving systems for passengers vehicles. Such a concept might be far from being realized, but it sure is changing the course of vehicle design. Technology such as accident avoidance sensors are inspired by the innovations in intelligent military vehicle design. The consumer market always seems to benefit from technology that originates by government sponsored research and development. In fact, DARPA has been credited with advancing robotic and internet technology decades ago.

The Science Daily provides plenty of relevant resources on the latest innovations in artificial intelligence. In the near future, consumers will be amazed at how much customized information gadgets can process and display. Personal digital assistants like iPhone’s Siri only scratch the surface of AI.

If you were a WoW player back during the Burning Crusade days, then you know the Dark Portal. This was one of the coolest parts of the game, as the massive, ominous green portal signaled your entrance into Outland from Azeroth, and an extremely cool part of the game.

So when the patch for Warlords of Draenor hits, the Dark Portal closing down will be one of the sadder moments from my time in the game world. Much like life, MMOs are constantly changing and evolving.

But we’ll always have those great memories of staying up with Sam Tabar, so we could raid the Outlands, fight some giants, and have the best experience you can find in a video game.

Patch 6.0.2 is coming to WoW on October 14th.

This will also set the stage for what we can actually expect from Warlords of Draenor as players. Finally excited to have some new content, and here’s where you can read the full patch details on Blizzard’s official site

Bungie aimed high with Destiny, but they fell a little wide of the mark. Turns out releasing an MMO style game, without any of the social features of a traditional MMO isn’t a good idea.

Keith Mann is still shaking his head over some of these decisions. I’m right there with him. But at least this honest trailer video is about as funny as all of the others. Enjoy their breakdown of Destiny above.