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Bhanu Choudhrie would see that certainty is something that is of the utmost importance.


Well, Bhanu Choudhrie would know that if one is certain in their investment approach and how they see the world they can forge forward and act in a decisive manner. If they don’t, Bhanu Choudhrie might see that there is some level of uncertainty.

This is certainly true for those that are living their lives and making decisions on school and other matters, it also true for people like Bhanu Choudhrie who manage people and investments on behalf of those who are still here and those who have gone on before him.

He’s learned quite a few principles over the course of existence and certainty is one of them.

This is something that is important to remember and realize as one goes about their day to day lives and lives in the present to take the right actions overall.

If employees and management treat company as a business, as an entity that would need to create and maximize profits, then it would see understand the need for kaizen, or constant refinement.

When the employees and management are able to do so, it can manage returns that are stronger than a general index fund, and it can then attract more investors for its assets.

At the end of the day, top business leaders must realize that it is simply, capital movement, manifested in different ways to move society forward. If business leaders can understand that they are fundamentally in a place where they can generate real returns by bringing about critical value factors for their clients, then they can begin to accelerate returns and increase them each year.

Annual returns matter overall, this is what will move the needle for investors and business leaders.

All companies have to figure out if they will be in the same category as Google, Netflix, and Starbucks, where these entities can return strong earnings and provide for good ROIC or they must see if they will head in a different direction.

Always make certain to prioritize how to do well in life.

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Betsy DeVos knows that life isn’t fair. She knows that injustices pop up all of the time. Although she acknowledges that, it doesn’t mean that she’s okay with it at all. She’s not. She works constantly in order to end injustices for good. She sees injustices in all different walks of life. She notices them in the educational system in the United States as well. Since she’s America’s Education Secretary, she has every right to discuss them. President Donald J. Trump realizes that DeVos is more than qualified to look after the nation’s vast educational network. Educational matters differ greatly across the board. The situation in New England isn’t the same as it is on the West Coast. It can be hard to predict educational matters in the country.


DeVos likes to think about what she can do to push the educational system forward. She doesn’t want to be complacent about it. She doesn’t want to be complacent about anything in general. Complacency is something that irks her to no end. It irks Dick, her husband, just as much. That’s exactly why they’ve been married for so long. They comprehend their thinking styles. They’re both brilliant individuals who have thoughts that are rare and detail-oriented.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been a force in America since the eighties. Dick and Betsy made it work in 1989. Although it’s nothing new to them, they adore it more than ever. They look after it more than ever as well. They make donations to the non-profit that are meaningful. These donations go into all sorts of sectors that are relevant to the people of the country. They go into schooling factors. They even go into cultural ones. Betsy DeVos is a woman who has always been committed to culture. She wants American citizens to all be able to learn about culture regularly. She’s fond of museums, art galleries, schools and anything along those lines.


Dick DeVos doesn’t ever yawn any time his wife brings up the topic of education. That’s because he cares about it just as much as she does. Although he’s not labeled as being the Secretary of Education for the United States, that doesn’t take away his feelings even for a second. The pupils who go to the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan all know just how much Dick believes in aviation. They all know just how much he believes in schooling as well. He’s the head honcho. This school is at the airport and therefore is a prime choice for students who want to become pilots someday. It’s a prime choice for students who want to work in the aviation sector in general.


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Since founding Organo Gold in 2008, Bernardo Chua has become one of the leading businessmen throughout all of Southeast Asia. Not only has ORGANO been growing over the past decade, but Bernardo has been graced with a variety of awards for his accomplishments as well as his passion for helping others through his own hard work. In 2014, Bernardo was named as the winner of the Dangal Bayan Award in Business.

Along with being a successful multi-level marketing firm, ORGANO is dedicated to delivering healthy products to the masses as it has been a lifelong goal for Bernardo Chua. From supplements, smoothie mixes, and personal care products, ORGANO has a range of healthy variants that can help customers get through their day. Above all else, ORGANO has done very well marketing and selling their gourmet coffee products, which are advertised as healthy alternatives to the traditional coffee that most people drink around the world. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

What makes the coffee special at ORGANO is the Ganoderma that Bernardo Chua has been determined to make a key factor in the companies products. Ganoderma is a well-known additive throughout Asia that has been used for centuries in various ways to promote greater health in the body, be is increased stamina or a boost in focus. Bernardo grew up with a strong liking of Ganoderma and its effects. By aligning his knowledge of healthy living and his desire to help others, Bernardo is able to do this on a large scale with healthy products at ORGANO.

Bernardo grew up in a rather large family, and despite being the youngest of more than a dozen other siblings, Bernardo was able to capitalize on every opportunity he had while he was growing up. Bernardo loves what he does, which is also one of his biggest pieces of advice for any individual trying to be successful in business. The desire to build relationships and learn new information is critical to building success and maintaining it, which are two of Bernardo’s strong suits.

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Plastic Surgery takes a great deal of commitment and training in order to perform at the highest level, which Jennifer Walden has spent her career doing to become one of the top leading surgeons in the nation. Operating out of Austin, Texas, Jennifer Walden is able to stay close to home while improving herself as a surgeon and her cosmetic business in her home town. Advancements have been coming every few years to the field of plastic surgery, especially in the way of safety.

Procedures have come a long way and obtaining a license for plastic surgery is a serious ordeal. Jennifer Walden is not only licensed and board certified, but she is also a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Jennifer’s reviews ever since becoming a practiced surgeon over a decade ago have been consistently high. Jennifer Walden’s website features a large number of reviews from clients over the years that have had great results with Jennifer or within her cosmetic surgery center.

Jennifer is not the only capable and kind team member at her medical facility either. She has a team of dedicated individuals that value customer service and provide the best experience possible for every new patient. Good customers reviews have done great for Jennifer over the years, and it is well-deserved in her case. Dr. Jennifer Walden has built such a large reputation as a compassionate and capable surgeon that she has become one of the most popular female surgeons in the country, with numerous appearances and mentions on radio and television.

Summer Fruit is an exciting EOS lip balm flavor perfect to keep in your pocket or purse to soften and soothe the lips while getting a yummy flavored and scented balm. EOS Summer Fruit lip balm is 100% natural and one of the most popular lip balm flavors offered from the brand. Many people call it the best lip balm flavor but considering that EOS offers a few choices, it’s up to you to try them all out to decide which you favor.

Summer Fruit combines the best fruits of the summer together in a balm that soothes and softens the lips while making you feel warm and tingly inside. It hydrates the lips wonderfully, alleviating the worries that you’ll experience embarrassment caused by chapped lips. The fun sphere-shaped container adds to the fun and helps you keep track of your balm so its always within reach.

EOS is a lip balm brand that can change the way that you care for your lips. EOS Lip Balm’s are sold online and wherever lip balm is sold. The Summer Fruit lip balm is fun and fruity and helps you feel right in the swing of summer, especially with such hydrated and lush lips to benefit your summertime plans.

Earliest Days in Ruthergen

Do you know many authors who have had such success to have had the honor of having any of their works considered classic? Well, there is one author whom the Scottish have been looking up to for nearly half of century. Alastair Borthwick (1913-2003) was born into a family from Rutherglen and later they moved to Troon before finally settling in Glasgow. By the time Alastair Borthwick had reached the age and time to graduate from Glasgow High School he had gained a reputation as a young writer who wanted to go places. 

Work at the Glasgow Herald

He soon got a freshman position at the Daily Herald in Glasgow making a copy from the reports coming into the newspaper from the phone. Alastair soon found his first big opportunity when he was given the position to head the new column “Open Air,” about the community and people surrounding the events taking place in the Highlands of Glasgow. Alastair Borthwick soon began realizing his love and dream of becoming a writer when he found opportunities to write about the people he met in the mountaineering community after taking up the sport of mountaineering. At those weekend mountaineering excursions the mountaineers began sharing their stories with him and Alastair would write about them in Open Air, giving his stories a wider reading and popularity. Not only did the local people of Glasgow enjoy Alastair’s column, but later when there were collected and recommended for publishing they came into the hands of the Faber Publishing company. 

First Publication

As providence would have it, before they came to the chief editor, Alastair’s collection “Going a Little Further,” were rejected. However, they came to the attention of T.S. Eliot, the Chief editor, and Eliot saw the importance and relevance of the writings and gave the green flag to go ahead and allow Faber to be the representative publisher. Going a Little Further has become one of the most sought after publications among those searching for outdoor readings.

The Mirror

It was soon after his short stay with the Herald that he was hired by the Daily Mirror in London. Alastair Borthwick moved to London with the hopes of a long career, but soon became disquieted and troubled by the social life of High Street and decided to return to Glasgow where he felt he could better fit in socially. The BBC immediately hired him as a broadcaster. 


Eucatex was founded back in 1951, over the years of operation it has been involved in the production of insulation, different forms of plastic and plant-based lining, paint, wood varnish, doors, flooring, building walls, partitions of home and panels used in construction. Many of the products produced by Eucatex are manufactured from the eucalyptus tree products.

Since 2018, Eucatex is involved in regular shipments of its products to over 40 countries while employing substantial 2,433 people, thus making it one of the largest employers in Brazil. The firm has successively performed well in the Brazilian market following the acquisition of Botocatu, which hails as Sao Paulo own Duratex which is a standard manufacturer of building panels. Under Brazil’s building panels industry, the fir benefitted from the increase in over 80 percent in all installed building panels following the Duratex acquisition. Read more on Wikipedia.

With the transaction fully finalized between Eucatex and Duratex executives, Flavio Maluf played a significant role in securing the enterprise. The firm awaits the approval of the official antitrust agency of Brazil called the Administrative Council for Economic Defense.

Maluf started his career as a mechanical engineer from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He is also a holder of a degree in Business Administration from New York University.

The institution provided a firm foundation for the level of success that he achieved throughout his career. He also hails as the president of GrandFood, which is a large conglomerate in Brazil involved in manufacturing brands such as Premier Pet and Golden.

Before landing a role at Eucatex, Maluf sought to explore running a firm with stints at different companies such as Citicorp. This improved his abilities in managing the family company. Through his leadership, the firm has grown with subsidiaries in different countries. It currently exports to the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and 35 other countries around the world.

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Raffaele Riva has been serving entrepreneurs as an angel investor for many years and loves being able to help people live their dreams. During the course of his career, he has learned a lot from other investors and the teams he has worked with. He feels that angel investing is a valuable field where investors can earn a good return on their money while also feeling good about helping others. It has been his philosophy to work with entrepreneurs who have similar values, and this has taught him a lot about the business world.

Raffaele Riva would like entrepreneurs to know that they need to figure out what kind of capital they need to succeed with their company. He recently commented that equity capital will only help some startups and that he mainly works with companies that are ready to grow rapidly. Riva understands the risk he takes when investing in a startup and has admitted that only half of the companies he invests in will be able to work hard enough to find success. He has been able to continue to find success because he has built a solid portfolio with many successful companies in it.

Raffaele Riva stays organized on a daily basis by planning everything out really well. He also credits his team for helping him to stay on task and believes in the power of maintaining a calendar and schedule. He has learned that many business leaders need an administrative assistant who can help to keep them focused and has hired one for himself who makes his life a lot easier. Riva feels that working with startups is a win-win situation for himself and the company. To help his own enterprise stay organized, he uses Gust, which is a piece of software that allows his team to network easily.

Find out more about Raffaele: https://medium.com/@raffaeleriva44

Several areas in the United States have been hit by hurricane winds, heavy rains, and storm disasters. When floodwaters pass through a homestead, it carries with it the properties, including houses leaving broken pieces of objects and rocks behind. The only things left for the homeowners are a layer of silt and a bad smell as well as hopelessness from the loss. Nonprofit organizations, the government, and volunteers always rush to help these people. Federal Emergency Management Agency is a body that is mainly responsible for maintaining those that have been affected by not only floods but also other disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, famines, and volcanic eruptions. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

To curb situations, FEMA usually hires contractors, both public and private. Among the private contractors is Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama. Green Structure Homes is a company founded by Barbara Stokes who is the CEO, with his husband, Scott Stokes. The firm produces, small, cost-efficient, well designed, high-quality houses to those that have been affected by disasters. Due to her efforts in this field, Barbara Stokes has been certified as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Apart from paying contracts, GSH also participates in charitable events. Recent participation of Barbara Stokes’ firm was a donation of building materials to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that relies on individual and organizations’ donations to solve the problems of housing by providing sustainable, affordable houses especially to those affected by the disasters. Among the materials donated by GSH includes Drywall, Hardie Fascia, and Linoleum flooring. To supplement the materials Barbara Stokes and her team also offered to be of help in planning, design, maintenance, and warehousing.

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Nina Vaca started the IT staffing firm Pinnacle Group when she was just 25 years old. Her experience running the family business as a teenager prepared her for entrepreneurship and helped fulfill her Ecuadorian immigrant parents’ quest for the American dream. Vaca is passionate about helping Latina entrepreneurs and businesswomen succeed. She founded At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership, which features trailblazing female speakers as well as leadership and business training.

The economy took a major hit after the September 11 tragedy, but Vaca persevered. She bought her partner’s half of the business, which only had one client left. Many people would have given up, but Vaca worked hard and made Inc. magazine’s 500/5,000 Fastest Growing Companies list multiple times. The Women Presidents’ Organization also named Pinnacle Group the Fastest-Growing Women-Owned company in 2015 and 2018.

In 2016, Vaca helped established the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Professional Fellows Program. In her blog, she talks about traveling to Chile and speaking with Chilean entrepreneurs who completed the program. In another post, Vaca talks about the Nina Vaca Foundation’s fundraising efforts to help Latinas grow their businesses.