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GoBuyside is a contemporary managerial search company. The main focus of the company is to work with advisory platforms, hedge funds, private equity organizations, Fortune 500 organizations as well as investment managers in a broad spectrum of authorization and geographies. In control of industrious approach and proprietary technology, GoBuyside enjoys a large market share in terms of testing top level companies as well as sourcing. The company prides itself on its team of professionals who are well equipped with knowledge and experience. The team’s experiences give them the confidence to differentiate the implementation abilities of their company that always leads to the creation of deeper affiliations with the companies that GoBuyside serves. GoBuyside has over 500 customers that trust the company with their needs in terms of human capital. Additionally, the company enjoys a talent network that spread out to over 10,000 and above firms and over 40 cities worldwide. Visit gobuyside.com to know more.

Arjun Kapur is GoBuyside’s founder. Arjun possesses broad talent knowledge from productively performing on several of dissimilar and complex appointments covering over 10 cities internationally as well as over 40 cities within America. Arjun got his bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University where he majored in economics. He then received a master’s degree from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business specializing in business administration.

Mr. Kapur realized there was an apparent trend that led to a higher competition for shortening the hiring cycles as well as talent both in private and public industries. He observed such kind of tendency while still serving in the finance industry that companies were competing to employ high talent employees. There was lack of transparency including a large quantity of asymmetric acquaintance in this process. This tendency that he experienced led to the formation of an idea to come up with technically enabled platform that could transform the trend of customary hiring processes. In addition to this, the idea was to develop a network society that could benefits all organizations across all sectors. Mr. Kapur then brought the idea into life hence creating GoBuyside.com platform.


Presently, GoBuside is the leading talent platform supplying professionals all over America. According to Mr. Kapur, when one has an idea, they should conduct sufficient research concerning the idea. After research is done and one feels comfortable to move on with the idea, they can then invest on it both financially and time. Moreover, Mr. Kapur argues that listening to the clients through their feedbacks and responding to them almost immediately is one sure way to success. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

Sahm Adrangi is the man that started and ran Kerrisdale Capital as its CIO. The company focuses on research coverage on long and short-term investments. Kerrisdale capital management carried a research on Eastman Kodak Company. The Eastman Kodak company is a company located in the USA that bases its operations in technology. The company partnered with WENN digital to bring about a licensing partnership. They announced the launching of the KODAKOne and KODAKCoin which they said would enable photographers and agencies to have greater control over image rights management. View Sahm Adrangi at hvst.com.

Eastman Kodak Company’s stock rose to 187% after announcing the blockchain and cryptocurrency licensing partnership which was a sudden rise that made people start questioning the company’s credibility and transparency. Mr. Sahm Adrangi’s company best known for giving accurate reviews as to how a company has progressed when it is not clear to the market around carried out a research on the company’s sudden rise.

Kerrisdale capital gave a negative report on the Eastman Kodak Company on February 7, 2018, saying the company’s partnership announcement was their way of trying to hide the company’s financial problems and seeking to save it. The report they gave also emphasized that the team behind KODAKOne and KODAKCoin are of no credibility.

Check: www.futuresmag.com/author/sahm-adrangi

Sahm Adrangi’s company also reported that the main members of Kodak companies distributed company shares among themselves before the announcement they made. It is believed that the company is doing all these activities as a way to drift the people’s attention away from the main problem which the company is facing; bankruptcy. KODAKOne and KODAKCoin are new project ideas. They are hoping will enable them to get an income and be steady again as a company.

Sahm Adrangi’s company says that the direction the company took on their business is usually an end result taken by companies to salvage what they have and probably build their company through such investments which may not be very credible. Reports from Adrangi’s company also say Kodak Company was declared bankrupt six years before and it should stop having the misguided hope that the blockchain investment they made will save their company. More details on Sahm Adrangi at valuewalk.com.

With numerous demands on money and time, it becomes easy for an individual to get lost in the daily activities especially when it is common sense to invest in long-term, investment schemes. That is where the right insight from a professional financial advisor makes a big difference. At Agora Financial, the team is equipped with the knowledge to offer the right advice regarding investment. The company has been thriving on this aspect for decades.


Bill Bonner founded Agora Financial in 1979. He is an experienced financial writer. Bill has authored Empire of Debt in addition to Financial Reckoning Day. Under his leadership, Agora Financial has become a leading financial advisor in Maryland. The company produces books and publications made for investors who aspire to predict market conditions before investing their resources in various businesses. Some of the publications come in the form of conferences, books, and commentaries.


Agora Financial creates a personalized plan for clients and their families. The plan is designed to assist clients in achieving their financial objectives in life. Agora Financial will suggest practical solutions meant to help clients grow while protecting their wealth at the same time.


From 1999, Agora Financial has hosted the yearly Agora Financial Investment Symposium. The event is usually held in Vancouver. Being the largest event for the company, it is attended by financial experts. Experienced speakers also flock the event to offer speeches regarding wise investment. Some of the past speakers include Doug Casey and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Every year, the symposium is dubbed ‘A Tale of Two Americas.’

Growth in Competition

Throughout history, Agora Financial has consistently, beaten most of the media’s financial teams. Readers have testified that the company is well aware of the current tech bubble, the housing situations and the available credit facilities in finance. Agora Financial handles a broad spectrum of accounts in finance.


The Agora is Agora Financial’s parent company. It moved to Mount Vernon in 1994. Until now, the company has expanded its operations to include thousands of clients in the area. The management converted multiple mansions into office space. Bill Bonner contributed to the modernization of Agora Financial by maintaining its opulence and charming environment.

Additional Information

To understand the market conditions before investing, you need an experienced financial advisor who can predict the future of the stock market. Agora Financial provides you with newsletters and editorials for guidance. The company invests in modern communications platforms for user’s best understanding.

Most people always yearn for financial freedom but the problem is they don’t have an idea of how to achieve that goal. Sometimes it takes a professional to figure out what your financial need is and help you draw a proper roadmap towards your financial freedom. Wealth Solutions is an example of a company designed to help people who have money but lack adequate knowledge on how to invest it. Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions helps its clients to not only grow but also to protect and manage their assets.

Richard Blair is the Founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions. He is an experienced businessman with several professional and academic accreditations such as RICP, CFC, CAS, and CES. The company is run as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company. Richard Blair believes that all everyone has a potential to create and multiply wealth. According to him, most people have the money but lack adequate knowledge of how to invest that money properly. As a result, he came up with strategies aimed at helping people from Austin, Texas to overcome that problem.

Wealth Solutions Financial Strategies

Richard Blair and his company have a three-pillar approach when it comes to assisting clients to invest in the right way. The approach is meant to assist the company to diagnose their client’s financial problems and help them come up with an effective solution. The approach also makes it easy to come up with tailor-made solutions to each client. The following are the three pillars used by Wealth Solutions

First Pillar

What the first pillar does is to help in dragonizing the major financial problem of a client. It is a stage where the company takes a look at the financial background of a client and determines ways of assisting him or her. Through that, the company is also able to understand a client’s strengths, goals and risk levels.

Second Pillar

The purpose of the second pillar is to come up with a long-lasting strategy which caters to the needs of a client. The company at this stage helps to come up with the best investment plans where a client can reap maximum benefits.

Third Pillar

This is the last pillar in Blair’s financial planning process for his clients. It is a stage where he takes care of the insurance needs of his clients which include annuities, long-term, and life insurance.

Richard Blair was influenced by his mother and grandmother to start providing financial solution services in Austin, Texas. He learned from them that teaching had a great impact on changing the lives of other people.

Vijay Eswaran says that change is a vibrational thing. What this means is that when you start making changes to your life, it will start affecting all areas of your life, including your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. In addition, it will bring about more changes. Change brings about change. The more you change, the more you will be willing to make even more changes for the better, even in other areas of your life.

The truth is, says Vijay Eswaran, that at the beginning, you will think that a certain change is a major change. You will be afraid of making that change. You finally gather up the courage to step forward and make that change. However, once you have made that change, it will no longer seem like such a big change. Down the road, your expectations and your standards will change. You will be far ahead of your old place in life. You will now be in a new place, and in that new place, the old change will seem small, not big. You will be faced with further changes that will seem big. However, after you have made those changes, those changes will seem small as well. Change brings about change.

Some may ask whether change can be bad sometimes. Of course it can. However, not changing is even worse. When you are not changing, you are stagnant. You are dying. You need to change. Even if it turns out for the bad, you are a person who knows how to change, so you will also know how to start changing for the better again. You are a human, and humans constantly need to keep moving. You can not stay in one place for too long, not just physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. If you leave your hometown for a number of years, it will have changed when you come back. That is why you also need to change. If you did not change while you are away, you will have difficulty adapting to the new changes.

There are only a few online luxury consignors as interesting and inventive as The RealReal, which is something the brand is aware of. This is part of the reason it is attempting to grow in other ways. The brand just opened a pop-up in New York City, and it was a total success, which has prompted the company to do more of these in 2018.

Real street-level stores give online stores the kind of presence it needs to continue to shine and truly connect with fans in a genuine way. The in-store experience is something that the brand wants to revolutionize, which seems to be connecting well with the company’s many fans.

Allison Sommer, who is the company’s director of marketing, is pretty excited about opening more of these locations in prime locations. Sommer spoke at the FutureStores conference, which was held in Florida, about some of the many exciting things the company is doing with these pop-ups. The idea of turning an online brand into a regular brand seems quite powerful. The store is not opening with name recognition problems since it already has a strong online presence, which minimizes risk.

The RealReal opened up in New York back in 2016 and saw great success, but there are other locations where it has tried a pop-up like in San Francisco. There is no telling how many cities are going to get to experience what the RealReal is attempting to do, but it is an exciting time for the company’s customers.

The company has been making it a goal to hire people who have worked with high-end fashion brands. The reason RealReal has been doing this is to make sure that their pop-ups give their customers the kind of experience they are longing for.

The RealReal wants to ensure that customers feel taken care of and feel like their taste sensibilities are truly appreciated by the brand. Hiring people who know fashion and are passionate is a major step in that direction. There is no telling how far the RealReal brand can get by engaging its customers in this new but traditional way, but it seems obvious that the strategy is working out for them, so who knows how many other online brands can make the transition, too?

Starting from when he was a young man, Perry Mandera has had an interesting and diversified career in addition to running his own company in Northlake, Illinois. After his high school graduation in 1975, he made the decision to join the US Marine Corps Reserves. As part of his duty, it was then that Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck.

He ran for political office and he was elected in 1984. From 1984 to 1988, Perry Mandera served for the 26th Ward in Chicago as a Ward Committeeman. Visit Blogwebpedia website to know more about Perry Mandera.

With the knowledge of, and interest in trucking that Perry had gained, he founded his own trucking company in 1980. He ran the company for several years until he eventually sold it in 1985. A short time later he founded The Custom Companies Inc., a company which provides trucking services and other transportation related services. The company currently has several hundred employees and in addition to headquarters in Northlake, it also maintains several offices elsewhere in the country. Mr. Mandera is a current Board member of the Illinois Transportation Association. The Association named him as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” in 2000.

Perry Mandera also founded a charitable outreach company called Custom Cares Charities, Inc. Tens of thousands of dollars has been donated to many charities nnd to those in need. Just one of the many generous donations by Perry Mandero was that of providing transportation and supplies to the victims of the recent California wildfires. View Perry Mandera at Bloomberg.com.

In addition, Perry Mandera is an active supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). The ISCC is a non profit organization in the Chicago area. The organization works with the Police Athletic League to reduce crime, gang violence, and juvenile delinquency. The Illinois State Crime Commission awarded Perry Mandera with the Bishop Shell Award and Citizen of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

In conclusion, Perry Mandera is a busy executive and a busy philanthropist in every sense of the word. His extraordinary generosity financially and in the giving of his own time and energy to many charitable organizations is far reaching.

Learn more: http://www.customcares.com/

Lori Senecal is one of the best, highly recognized advertisers in the industry today, because she uses advanced technology innovations to hack her client’s marketing challenges. According to Lori, her first principle has always been finding out the business operations of her clients. That way, she gets to study the business structure and easily comes up with solutions. She also uses this process to pitch to any of her clients.

Lori remembers how hard it was getting her first client and says that one of the reasons she actually got the job is because of her relentless character. Being in an industry where clients are more inclined to go for an experienced expert, she had to take her first job as an opportunity for her breakthrough and simply worked her way past her client’s expectations. Over the years, she has been able to solidify her strengths even as she focuses on new opportunities and solutions to new challenges. Her reputation stands as an advertising expert that always excels and over delivers.

Lori Senecal believes so much in her passion, teamwork and creativity such that she inspires those around her. She admits that in the beginning, she was never too confident about her steps but has since learned that she will always get to learn something new every day. Lori Senecal began taking leadership roles when her marketing plans were not working simply because her teammates were not doing their jobs to the required standard. As a result, Lori developed a discipline that involved checking on her teammates and encouraging them to ensure everything is top notch and in good time. In one of her motivation talks, she reiterated that it’s a personal decision to be optimistic and have a positive attitude. This is because everyone is faced with challenges, but the choice they make during such times is what determines the way forward. You can visit her website lorisenecalglobalceo.com for more info.

Her primary strategy for all her jobs always focuses on gaining the full potential of each advertising campaign. As a result, she has learned to take time when developing an advert campaign in a bid to make the most out of it.

Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorisenecal

Fast Forwarding The Work Of Securus Technologies


Imagine what technology would look like one hundreds years from now. This technology we’re discussing takes into account the security processes that a modern world will need. The progress of technology today is a clear example of how nations are embracing a digital society.


This society begins with electricity and then ends with wireless or Internet signals.


The various signals roaming the world are also subject to infiltration, and this leads to a great potential for corruption. The corruption of digital technology deals with how criminals turn the progress of technology against society. The work of civilization is always a forward progress, and that can also be used by criminals for illegal activity.



The Better Prospects Of The Future


The future is secure because of the work that agencies like Securus Technologies is achieving. This is a leading security agency for the private sector and specializes in the security components that must come along with technology. These features must be involved with every forward movement that we find in digital use.


The use of digital invites the world to access tools and functions that we’re only discovering in full. The process of discovery opens up ways for criminals to take advantage of the things civilization is creating. Securus Technologies works in the private sector because of the potential threats that criminals make as they also have access to the same tools we have.



Tomorrow Couldn’t Come Faster


Tomorrow comes fast as Securus Technologies continues to provide new solutions for the modern world of technology. The agency works with the private facilities of the United States of America and is awarded the most contracts in this sector. Securus is able to repel the actions and the tools that criminals minds are using everyday.


This process begins with a severe overlook at the illegal use of technology. The process starts with private facilities and the people, information or resources they store. Protecting these values is important and is upheld by the U.S. government with the help of Securus Technologies.


As people age, they may not be able to live in their homes and apartments as they used to. It may become more and more difficult for them to do their daily routines without a special place to live in. Sussex Healthcare is a special place for seniors that offers them the support, medical services and programs that they can utilize to stay as healthy as they can for as long as possible.

One of the great things that seniors can take advantage of is the ability to make friends. They will be around people their own ages. There will be groups that they can join and meet other people that are also interested in the same things. This can make a lot of difference for someone that is getting older. When they feel like they are a part of great place, they tend to be healthier and stay active for a longer period of time. This is something that Sussex Healthcare has known for a long time, and they are experts at what they can offer seniors.

When people living at Sussex Healthcare need medical assistance, they will receive the best in the industry. Since it is located in the UK, they will find that the care is topnotch, and the staff can be trusted. For many seniors, this is a very important reason for staying in the place that they choose. They can always feel comfortable at Sussex Healthcare because the care is unbelievably good.

The pricing is different for each senior that is considering staying at Sussex Healthcare. When they take a tour of the place, they will be able to sit down and talk about financing. Any questions that they might have will be answered truthfully and thoroughly. The staff is knowledgeable, and they will have all the answers that a senior may have.

Experiencing living at Sussex Healthcare is wonderful. For many seniors, they continue to live well long into their later years. The success at Sussex Healthcare is seen every day in how well the seniors are doing. It is commendable that they can make them feel so comfortable and live with the dignity and respect that they deserve on a daily basis.

See: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/