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Brazil is a former Portuguese colony. Consequently, the South-American country largely borrows from Portugal regarding language, culture, and even constitution. Long before law schools were established in Brazil, Brazilian lawyers used to train from Portuguese universities such as the University of Coimbra in Central Portugal.

Brazilian Law Schools

The first faculty of law in post-colony Brazil, Academies of Law, was established in 1827 in Sao Paulo and was quickly followed by Social Sciences in Olinda. The law professors of those days had gone through the Portuguese system, and therefore Brazil had to adopt the same system. Today, the legal industry in Brazil has grown tremendously with thousands of law schools distributed all over the country and hundreds of thousands of law students. By 2010, there were more than 500,000 practicing lawyers in Brazil. Sao Paulo, where Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho practices, has the highest number of lawyers.

The Constitution

The Brazilian Federal Constitution, promulgated in 1988 and amended in 2004, is the supreme law of the land. The constitution defines the country as a federal republic made up of 26 federate states. Each federate state is given the freedom to formulate a constitution of its own, but this constitution must follow the provisions of the Federal Constitution. The judiciary arm of government is mandated with the responsibility of interpreting the Constitution, with the highest of them all being the Supreme Court.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian law guru. He currently practices law under Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados where he is a partner. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho studied law at Universidade Presbyterian Mackenzie.

The areas of specialization of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are judicial litigation and conflict resolution. Besides law, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an entrepreneur and an author. He holds a BA degree from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado.

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The best way to change in the world is to get people behind you. After all, political change only happens when millions of people come together to demand change from their leaders. Change does not happen from the top down. Rarely in history has major change come about because a person in power dared to take a country in a new direction.This is one of the famous rally cries of Senator Bernie Sanders, and he’s right. That’s why Thor Halvorssen, an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, works so hard to educate the public about human right violations. His hope is to focus the world’s attention on atrocities in an effort to enact change. He hopes that change will benefit the rights and safety of all human beings across the planet.

It’s common sense that the internet is a great educational tool. When used well, information can spread across the planet in the blink of an eye. But for that information to spread quickly, people need to share that information. So, Thor Halvorssen used viral content to promote his human rights agendas around the world.The movie The Interview made news around the world. Two American comedians made a movie about the assassination of the dictator or North Korea. It created quite a stir inside the People’s Democratic Republic. To keep a hold on his power, Kim Jong-Un needs to appear infallible to his people. A popular movie about his assassination would weaken his standing. So he ordered the hacking of Sony, the production house responsible for The Interview movie.

The hacking was successful. It came with threats of violence at any theater playing the movie. The makers of the movie canceled the public debut and were forced to release the movie online. It was a victory of North Korea and it created quite a stir.In conjunction the release of the movie, Thor’s Human Rights Foundation to the southern border of North Korea. He released balloons filled with money, informational pamphlets and DVD’s into North Korea. His actions made the news, educating the world, and the balloons educated a few lucky North Koreans.


Succeeding in an industry where a single retailer controls 20% of the market cannot be easy. However, Fabletics is proving all the naysayers wrong. It has managed to grow into a brand worth more than $250 million in spite of tough competition. It has done this by being able to exploit the ‘activewear’ movement and provide customers with what they want. Besides that, it uses a subscription model that encourages more sales to its customers.

The old way of doing business involved high-end brands that were defined by expensive attires and quality. However, that method of doing business just does not work in the modern era. In a time of economic downturn, pragmatism is quite important. For a company to be considered valuable, it must concentrate on things such as customer experience, gamification, exclusive design, last-mile service, and brand recognition to win over customers. Fabletics has managed to open physical stores in places such as Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and California.

According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics thinks that the company’s ability to re-imagine what a modern high-end clothing brand is what has kept them ahead. Besides that, he says the membership model designed by Fabletics has allowed them to offer on-trend fashion pieces at half the price of their competitors.


Reverse Show Rooming is working for Fabletics


Unlike its competitors who are being destroyed by showrooming, it is working for Fabletics. In other places, people browse for items but end up purchasing cheap knockoffs elsewhere. Fabletics has managed to re-engineer the model so that it leads to high conversion. When a customer walks into a Fabletics store, 30-50% of the time, they are already a member. Additionally, the company has a strategy to ensure that another 25% who walk out leave as members. When a customer is shopping for an item at the store, it is added to their online cart. Fabletics has developed a model where the online store and the physical store have been merged.


Online Data Combined with Culture is Spurring Growth


Fabletics understands the value of showing the right content to the right people. Thus, Fabletics collects data on its customers and stocks its stores with the corresponding clothes. However, that is not the only way Fabletics grows its brand. It also uses people such as Kate Hudson, to give the brand a human face.


About Fabletics


Fabletics specializes in the sale of fitness wear. The company provides a monthly membership model to its customers. When you join as a VIP member, your first outfit will only cost you $25. Additionally, you qualify for some fine discounts. Each month you will have to pay between $49-59 a month to get a 2-3 piece outfit for you.

Upon signing up, you are given a survey. The company wants to find out details about you such as the styles of outfits that you like, and your types of workouts. With that data, the company will pick outfits for you at the start of every month. On months when you do not have the cash, you will not be charged anything.

There are many countries that pride on their resources and the technology they have to manage them, and Mexico is no exception. With a thriving petroleum industry, Mexico’s oil is being moved around all over the world, and the shipping, transport and prime material industry is growing in the North American country.


One of the main leaders in the industry is Cotemar, a company that builds and maintains housing units for offshore platforms. It also provides services and food. The services provided by Cotemar, range from conditioning and recovery of fluids during drilling, completion, and repair with the support of a ship’s processor; they are also involved in hotel services with the support of a floating housing unit, in addition to rehabilitation and maintenance offshore platforms.


The company is not only involved in it for the money, but they want to make a significant change in the way companies relate to their clients and to the core values of staying in the top of the industry, with the highest quality in the market, and continuing to be a leader both in Mexico and in all of America. Oil and transport industries can have a severe impact both in the environment as well as in the way international markets relate, and Cotemar is committed to always delivering on time and shape all the goods they offer, hand in hand with top-notch technological features that are today a reference in the industry for North American companies.


The company understands itself as more than an income generator, providing jobs for thousands of people that trusts and pride in Cotemar. In an effort to give back, the company is also involved with each of their collaborators, making sure they put extra care in safety and ensuring optimal working conditions for their employees at all times, avoiding accidents and with a safety guide and team. On top, they aim to have a low impact on the environment, improving their technology and providing intelligent solutions for low-impact processes and recycling projects.


With a professional team of workers, state of the art technologies and years of prestige, they also have the skills to match when it comes to the most important factor of any company: client satisfaction. With a pledge to ensure that the client is always satisfied with the work was done, they have a team of experts and solutions at the hand of customers at all times, making it a wholesome and competitive company.




The Backbone Of Fast Food
The fast food industry serves billions of people around the world. With that amount of service you would naturally assume that there is a company behind all of that. Whenever the fast food industry needs meat, they turn to OSI Group to satisfy all of their needs. OSI Group provides every sort of meat needed in the fast food industry. No other company provides the same service on such a level.

How OSI Group Does This On Scale
OSI Group is able to do this on such a large scale because they utilize companies based in specific regions in order to provide the services they need. In Scandinavia, OSI relies on Baho Foods to provide the meat that it gives to fast food franchises. This model allows OSI Group to essentially serve as a network of smaller companies united by a central head. Additionally, in order to give people exactly what they need OSI Group also provides vegetables and frozen dough for franchises in need of those. This makes OSI Group vital to the success of fast food everywhere.

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The Numbers Tell All
The numbers tell the success of OSI Group. This company is worth $6 billion making it one of the most successful privately owned America companies. Over the course of 100 years OSI has gone from a small family owned business into one of the most prominent and successful corporations America has seen. Essentially, OSI Group is the American dream and everything we associate with making it as a business in the United States.

Commitment To Its Workers
The most important thing to understand about OSI Group is the serious commitment to the safety of its workers. Too many companies disregard the safety of their workers in the name of profit, but OSI Group understands the meat processing industry is essentially nothing without the hard workers behind every process in the company. In fact, OSI Group has even received praise for the safety standards it sets and requires all of its processing plants to adhere to.

For a very long time, purchasing lip balm involved looking through supermarket or drug store aisles for little Chapstick cylindrical tubes. The lip balm sticks were quite ordinary with active constituent lists plastered on the packaging material. The lipsticks originally came in tasteless flavors and spring for mint or cherry flavors.

Later on, there came the age of the EOS pastel-colored spreads of lip balm. This new brand took over the market in the Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Amazon and Ulta. In fact, most celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus were spotted utilizing this new brand of lip balm. EOS lip balm has since been fashionable with most of its brands featured in many fashion and beauty magazines.

The company that was initially created by only two hundred and fifty million expenditure is now the second best marketing lip balm company in the United States. A study by the Kline acknowledges the EOS lip balm company to have individually pushed for its growth in the ever-changing oral care division. The lip balm company currently makes multi-million transactions weekly and has promising future expectations. Motivated by the market for organic and natural products, the Corporation predicts billion dollar steady increments by the year 2020.

Sanjiv Mehra, the company managing partner and co-founder, believes that his business has taken significant steps in building up the necessary information on the business products and distribution methods. The co-founder also understands that it is essential for consumers to know a little bit more about what the business is and what values it stands for.

The company points out that the corporation is devoted to creating products specially made for the woman daily experience. The Corporation endeavors to fashion innovative products that create variants of the market products.

Mehra points out that in doing so, the company commits to presenting products that are longer lasting, consistently pleasurable, and effective.

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A litigator is an attorney who takes care of a lawsuit from the beginning to the final verdict of the case. Litigators play a bigger role than regular lawyers as they’re licensed attorneys who help clients in trying and preparing the lawsuits. Litigators go an extra mile in their profession by engaging themselves in every aspect of the trial from the time they met their client. They must investigate where the lawsuit emanated from, decide what kind of principle of law applies to the trial, dig up information from the complainant of the dispute via the discovery process, and at least make an effort of resolving the disagreement through negotiation with the involved parties.

Finally, the litigator compiles their findings and drives the case through all the arbitration or court proceeding with the aim of getting the results required by their client. If their customer appeals to the final trial verdict, the same litigator or attorney who took care of the case may also deal with the call.

So as to be hired as a litigation lawyer, one needs to earn a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, sit for the law school admission test, graduate from law school and pass the cut-off marks of the bar test prior to gaining the necessary experience to litigate a lawsuit.

Need to hire a litigator in Pennsylvania? Contact Karl Heideck for assistance today.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck received his JD from Temple University

Karl Heideck graduated from Temple University with honors

Karl Heideck is a lawyer full of talent in his vast field of work. He specializes in compliance practices and risk management based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Karl Heideck also holds unmatched skills in his field of expertise like corporate law, legal writing, commercial litigation, product liability, employment law, and legal research. Karl Heideck has been in this industry for over ten years.


Karl Heideck’s educational credentials show more of where his skills and experience emanated. Karl Heideck first pursued Literature and English at the Swarthmore College, and then joined the Beasley School of Law where he earned his honors.

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Equities First Holdings is a US-based company specialized in the issuance of fast working money through stocks as collateral. When you want to secure the loans, you present your stocks to the table for evaluation. Once the company experts have evaluated the assets, you are allocated a sum of money as money. For this reason, you will surrender your stocks to get in for the amount presented in the adequate structure. As a matter of fact, no one can work to meet other user needs in a way that is unparalleled in the industry. Equities First Holdings offers lending solutions to those who are in need of fast capital.

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002. Since then, it has majored in the issuance of stock0based loans to its clients. Because the company deals in clean business, it is now one of the most adopted companies in the world. Its main headquarters is Indiana. While this is true, it has sought to have a presence on all continents o the world. As a matter of fact, you will end up hiring for capability management status that develops this feasibility studies. Equities First Holdings has also been adopted on a massive scale.

During the harsh economic crisis, the market fluctuation is always inevitable for stocks. However, you can get a hedge between the problem and the loan due to the decreased interest rates associated with the stock-based loans. Banks and other institutions have their lending capabilities decreased during the harsh economic crisis. During this time, you do not expect to get a loan from credit-based institutions because they have an increased interest rate. As a matter of fact, you might end up working for capabilities that mismanage their investment portfolios. For those who have no qualification for the credit-based loans, you might want to consider the use of the stock-based loans by Equities First Holdings as the market leader in business.According to Al Christy, many people don’t know the differences between stock-based loans and margin loans. As a matter of fact, margin loans require a statement of the use of the money to qualify. However, you are not required to state any intention of the money to qualify for the loan.



According to new SEC filing, Highland Capital Management Fund (based in Texas) has raised its position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. It means that it now has 793,036 shares, a figure which accounts for 5 percent of the common stock. Highland Capital was founded in 1993 and majors on public equity, structured investments, fixed income and distressed investment funds. The SEC filing also put the value of Highland Capital at $2.44 billion. The increase in shares means that James Dondero, co-founder of Highland Capital now has 3.01 million shares, which makes it 18.8 percent of the total float of the company.


At the end of September, Highland bought 20, 286 new Nexpoint shares and increased their worth of the shares to $11.68 million. It made Highland the second-largest stakeholder in the company. The first is Morgan Stanley which has more than $16.77 million worth of Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund (NYSE: NHF) shares. Nexpoint is among the top 10 percent of Close-End Funds (CEFs). Its portfolio is valued at $600 million, and its net assets amount to around $382 million.


James “Jim” Dondero is the chief executive officer and serves as the chairman of the board of Highland Acquisition Corporation (HAC). He has served as the secretary and president of HAC from April 25, 2016. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and is its managing partner and president. He is actively involved in Highland’s operational and strategic investment plans. Jim is the president and chairman of Nexpoint Residential, Inc. He has been serving as the as the portfolio manager of Nexpoint since September 2012. He is the founder of Nexpoint Advisors, LP and serves as portfolio manager and president.


Mr. Dondero has over three decades of experience in the equity and credit markets. Under his leadership, Highland Capital has offered various ingenious solutions to investors. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School in 1884 with majors in finance and accounting with the highest honors. He joined the Morgan Guaranty Training program on the year he graduated, and that’s where his career as an analyst started. James holds Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificates. He joined American Express in 1985 as a corporate bond analyst and left in1989. He is currently on the board of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

The fashion industry has experienced rapid change over the years. However, it has proved hard to find good models that fit the clients’ descriptions for a fashion show. In 2010, Justin Brown, the current president of Brown Agency inc., formed Austin Statesman models Inc. After four years in operation, and after gaining a good reputation in the fashion industry, Wilhelmina Austin acquired Hayman Talent South, which was also dealing with models and lifestyle service provision, to form the current Brown Agency. Since its formation, the Agency has employed more than 20,000 models creating jobs to the local people and linking them to the fashion houses.

In 2015, the agency held a runway into print and on-screen models. More than 1000 clients around the globe went for the event which marked a new beginning of the Brown Agency in the fashion industry. The agency is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has been in operation for seven years. The agency also deals with photography, professional networking, media and entertainment, creative advertisement, and fashion. The Brown Agency, with the leadership of the Brown family, has been able to achieve the goal of being the leading agency in fashion and print media. With only seven years in operation, the company has created more than 90,000 temporary and permanent jobs.

The Brown Agency has held as many as 150 auditions for different fashion clients and has always given the best since they are the best in the fashion field. The agency has held as many as five parties which have been attended by large numbers of models and clients creating cordial relations that have seen them rise in the fashion industry. As a part of their corporate social Responsibility, the agency has contributed too many local projects with the aim of making the living standards better every day.

Brown Agency has been the place where people learn new designs and new fashions. People love the clarity of the photographs and the models’ fresh looks. With the companies’ principle of the going concern, the Agency has invested in the future by using integrated technological devices.